Thursday, November 20, 2014

Inspired By: Taylor Swift's Blank Space

Who else has been listening nonstop to Taylor Swift's new album 1989? Yep, me too! I listen to the downloaded version at home and the CD version in my car (yes, I'm that person that sings and dances while driving). The songs and sounds in this album feel more mature and nuanced, but are still catchy and fun to listen to. My favorite songs are Wildest Dreams, I Know Places, Blank Space, Bad Blood, and New Romantics. What are your favorite songs?

I don't usually do Inspired By posts based on music, but once I saw the video and all of the gorgeous clothes T-Swift wore I couldn't help it. Can I please steal the wardrobe from this video?

"I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream"
Taylor Swift's Blank Space 1
Whilst still in the throes of love and romance, Taylor Swift wears a girly 50s-inspired outfit at a picnic and you can do the same by wearing a yellow fit and flare dress, pink sunglasses, a knotted heart ring, and pink lace flats. 

Soon the love has turned sour and Swift dons a femme fatale black lace dress. Wear something similar for a night out: a long sleeve lace dress, sparkly dangle earrings, a bronze cuff, and bow black pumps. 

"I could show you incredible things"
Taylor Swift's Blank Space 2
During the course of the video and the ups and downs of this love affair, Taylor Swift wears several beautiful and feminine dresses. In one part, she wears a lovely bow dress, which would be perfect for a holiday party: put on a pale bow-adorned dress, a geometric cuff, a pink bobby pin, red lipstick, and black heels. 

For a subtle amount of sparkle and glam, wear a metallic kimono, a light blue fit and flare dress, sparkly blue stud earrings, and pale gold flats. 

Which outfit is your favorite?
Which is your favorite 1989 song?

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  1. Oooh this is an awesome "inspired by" post! I love her blank space song... And I'm not even a big Taylor Swift fan! It's very catchy!


  2. I LOVE this video. My favourite dress is the bow dress, it's so pretty. I finally bought 1989 after seeing so much love for it online. My favourite songs are Wildest Dreams and Style.

  3. Haha, I'm weirdly obsessed with T Swift - always have been! Love the video too! That little bow dress...eeek SO adorable!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  4. I would not consider myself a T. Swift fan but recently, this album and her last, have really gone in a direction I like. Love the outfits you created, this video is so powerful so I love it all!!


  5. I loved her newest album and I loved the outfits in this MV, Blank Space is probably my favorite song from the CD so far! I loved the black dress from the beginning and the pink dress from the picnic scene! So cute! I also love her horse back riding outfit though, the sleeves were so beautiful!

  6. Her video definitely provides a lot of eye candy/inspiration. love that you went out of your "zone" and created these inspired looks. =)

  7. I love Blank Space! Such a good song! Thanks!

  8. Oh man, me too! I love Swift and her music! Thanks!

  9. The video is so amazing! Those songs are so good!

  10. It is very catchy! Probably why it's been stuck in my head for days lol!

  11. I'm also in the dancing and singing in the car club ;) While I find Taylor Swiftannoying as a person, I do think her music is pretty catchy. Stay and Blank Space were my fav songs on the album! I love how you turned her outfits from the music videos into something more wearable. The dress with the little bows on it is so cute!


  12. I'm quite obssesed with this song,lovely outfits. where can i find the bow dress you posted?? because I want it ;)

  13. I have been singing along non-stop to "Blank Space" as well. Her clothes in that music video are gorgeous! (And the male model there is gorgeous as well. Lol.)

  14. i LOVE that black lace dress - gorgeous!

  15. I love that dress too! It's from Asos! Here's the link:

  16. Thanks!! I listen to one of her song once and it gets stuck in my head for hours or even days!


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