Friday, February 27, 2015

Favorite Things {February 2015}

Valentine's Day post card from Naomi, thrifted heart ring, 

Surprise gifts are the absolute best! I came home on Tuesday to find a package and immediately ripped it open. Martie sent me a "Good Morning Sunshine" pillowcase for Galentine's Day because she knew that I've been wanting it. It now has a permanent place on my bed! Thank you so much, Martie! And thank you to Naomi for the cutest Valentine's Day card!

Don't get me wrong, I love the library, but it's hard to get newly-released books when I want them, which is immediately. I just started using NetGalley and I'm already obsessed. So far I've been approved to read two books and I'm hoping more come my way. Do you use it?

 A few fun links:

 Gabriele's dedication to learn all the things has inspired me to start CodeAcademy!

 How awesome are these perler bead creations by Naomi?

 A fascinating post: On becoming a little bit American.

 Do Brits like the royal family?

 For writers: When you don't feel like writing and When the first book isn't the one.

 I like this clean slate post by Martie -- it's real and honest.

 How to squeeze more reading into your day.

 Kay has started an Artist Interviews series and Maja Wronska's paintings are beautiful!

 Life in a YA novel.

 Swap friends: You're in Brookelynn, Urban CashmereDisownedPiper & Lilith, Lily and Wes, My Life as a Teacup, Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups, Novelstyle & My Open Sketchbook.

 Fashion love: printed dress, scalloped colorblock sweaterpolka dot sneakerspeplum cami, elephant tank top, purple skater dress, blue lace romperDashshund letter holder.

What are you guys up to this weekend?
I might be going to a bake-off / open mic this weekend!

I'm looking for Books & Looks submissions! Click below for more info!

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  1. Gorgeous items and lovely links, thanks for sharing! :)

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. I have always wanted to learn CSS. Can't believe I hadn't heard about Codecademy before. I've just signed up and I'm so excited to start learning. Thank you for sharing, Sara!

    Love, Dara

  3. That "Good morning sunshine" pillow case is so cute! Have fun at the bake-off :)


  4. Love that pillow! And thanks for the shoutout! Super glad people seem to be enjoying the series, as I'm having so much fun with them! Always love spreading awesome art around. :)

  5. That pillow is so adorable! A few blogging friends have suggested that I check out NetGalley but I am so weird about wanting the actual books in my hand. I have no idea why but I just like actual books better. haha! I'm strange

  6. Awww thank you for the double shout-out this week! You're the best! :) I really liked the post on becoming a little bit American. I love learning about how people adjust to new cultures.

  7. Ooo ty your the post plug there! Really appreciate it. Going to a bake off sounds fun! Think i'm off to get cranking on some cross stitch designs i've had in my head for a while!

  8. That pillow is so cute and optimistic!! :)

    I really wanna do the book and looks thing! Cant wait to be able to snap a few outfit shoots... the weather is so bad here :S



  9. SO THAT'S WHY I GOT ALL THE CLICKS!!! Thank you! <3
    I love the galentine's day card! It's so retro and cute!

  10. That's such an interesting article on the British royals. I agree that Diana v Camilla can still cause arguments!

  11. that's such a cute pillow!

  12. I love this pillow case, dear Sara, so cute! Happy Sunday <3

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  13. I would love to have you on my blog! I can't wait for it to warm up too!

  14. I'm glad you liked it! @Charlotte always writes interesting blog posts!

  15. You're very welcome! Oooh cross stitch! Very cool!

  16. I was looking forward to it, but it sold out! My friend and I will definitely be going next month!

  17. I'll paint a picture: at first I was confused because I was trying to remember if I had bought something, then I opened it and my face took on a look of happy shock, especially when I read the card and saw it was from you, and then there was some jumping up and down in happiness! :)

  18. It's a great website! Sadly, the bake-off sold out! But I'll be going next month!

  19. Yeah, I didn't know when I signed up that all of the books were sent directly to your Kindle / Kindle app. I would much rather get actual books, but it's still fun getting books that haven't come out yet!

  20. You're very welcome! Love your series!

  21. Yay!!! It's a fantastic website! I've already learned so much!

  22. What an adorable pillowcase and so sweet that your friend surprised you with it!

    The Tiny Heart

  23. Yeah, I may finally have to break down and get a Kindle reader/app because I would definitely love to take advantage of that. It would keep me reading.

  24. Love the pillow! And surprise gifts are the very best. I have a pillow on my bed that says "You Are My Sunshine" from Paper Source!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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