Thursday, February 26, 2015

Inspired By: Broad City

Have you seen Broad City? Please tell me you have! It's like Girls, but for real girls. It follows Ilana and Abbi, two young woman living in New York City (and not Brooklyn), who avoid working as much as possible, get into misadventures, tell it like it is, and are self-professed feminists. And it's hilarious! Whenever I watch it, I find myself actually laughing out loud throughout the episode to how crazy and awesome these women are. 

It's on the second season right now and airs on Comedy Central. 

Broad City -- Ilana
Ilana (Ilana Wexler) is a huge slacker, who frequently smokes weed, she rarely does any work while at her office job, and somehow gets Abbi to follow her crazy antics. She's free-spirited and sexually liberated since she has a friends with benefits relationship with her dentist friend, Lincoln.

Dress like Ilana by wearing a long colorblock cardigan, a "Cold Pizza for Breakfast" graphic tee, yellow short shorts, and teal sneakers. Or throw on as little clothing as possble like Ilana: a gray knotted tank, a chevron necklace, a black mini skirt, ankle-strap heels, and "Oh Hell Nah" stud earrings.

Broad City -- Abbi
Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) is slightly older, more mature (but can still be immature), and responsible. She hates her job as a cleaner at a fitness center when what she really wants to do is be a fitness trainer and illustrator. She can sometimes be a pushover and wishes she were more fun-loving like Ilana. Abbi also has a huge crush on her neighbor Jeremy.

Go casual like Abbi by wearing a "Call Me?" white beanie, a navy and gray plaid top, jeans, a black and gold watch, and polka dot coral flats. Or wear something more sexy: gold dangly earrings, a black blazer, a cobalt dress, a heart ring, and strappy black heels.

Do you watch Broad City?

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  1. the girls have super cool style, love the outfits

  2. I have heard a lot about this show, but never watched it...I'm going to have to find it and give it a go! I love that beanie and the heart clutch! Too cute!

  3. Haven't heard about this show before. It's already on second season? Can't believe I've missed it! I'll go looking for the first season right away.

    Love, Dara

  4. I just started watching a few episodes - Ilana is just too much, haha! I definitely identify more with Abby so it's no wonder I'm coveting your picks for her character!

  5. I didn't watch it but I like the looks you created, dear Sara!

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  6. I've never heard of this show before, but these clothes are all so cute and quirky! Great picks!

    Lauren | Disco Daydream

  7. i've never heard of this show before, but the clothes are so fun! Loving that black jacket in the second set.


  8. This show is amazing, and I love your post based on it!

  9. nice inspiration! really liking your picks!


  10. What pretty outfits! I've been thinking of starting this show!

  11. I love these outfits, the pink flats are my favorite :)

  12. You definitely should! It's so funny!

  13. Thank you!!! Thank you for sharing it on Twitter!

  14. I identify more with Abbi too! She worries about her job, what people think, her life in general, so I definitely would want to be friends with her haha!


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