Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Outfit: Coral Floral

The flowers haven't bloomed yet. The trees are still bare. The grass is still patchy and hard. But none of that will stop me from wearing florals and pretending that the weather feels like spring. Hopefully, Mother Nature will get the hint and raise the temperature. I paired my new Jamberry floral nails (full review coming next week!) with this loose floral tee. 

This beautiful new "S" necklace is from my friend Jackie, who I've known since 3rd grade and whose engagement party was this past weekend. I'm so thrilled to be her maid of honor! I've already saved a bunch of articles on how to be the best maid of honor ever. Have you ever been a maid of honor? Do you have any tips for me?
Cardigan: Old Navy | Tee: Loft | Jeans: American Eagle
Necklace: gift | Flats: T.J. Maxx | Bag: Old Navy | Nails: ℅ Jamberry

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  1. I feel like we're getting down to the last of the snow melting away up here and I can't WAIT! I think what I'm waiting most for is the ability to wear sandals/flats again. Still just a bit too chilly for that!

  2. Yay I am glad you like the necklace! I know you will be the BEST maid of honor because you are my bestie!

  3. Super cute outfit, and I love the floral nails too! I've been a maid of honor in a couple people's weddings. It's a lot of responsibility but it's fun too. Just try and help her with planning as much as you can, your biggest job is to keep her from flipping out because she's super stressed. lol!

  4. thats a super pretty top, perfect for spring

    i loved your nails too

    keep in touch



  5. Such a pretty top! I love the print.


  6. At least the flowers are blooming on your shirt :) You look good in your look, dear Sara!

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


  7. How'd you even take these pictures outside?! Its been so chilllllly!!!!! I feel like I need more florals… I only have a few but they always look so nice!

  8. Oh, you know that I LOOOVEEEE the details on those nails girl! You look great as per usual.


  9. Those nails are SO pretty!! I love all of the florals you have going on in this outfit. I'm still waiting for the real flowers too, so it's all about pretending right now ;)


    Something About That

  10. that tee is so pretty! and I'm pretty sure I have that cardigan in the exact same color, ha. Old Navy for the win!

  11. I want to wear dresses and skirts, but I'm so over tights! It's supposed to be pretty nice this week, so maybe I can handle it! haha!

  12. I love this cardigan so much! I wear it like five out of the seven days a week! I need to get more colors!

  13. I made sure that it was somewhat nicer haha! I think it was like 45 degrees when I took these pics! Thanks!

  14. Thanks, Julie! Great advice! Luckily I'm pretty good at relaxing people since I myself am pretty chill! :)

  15. Thanks so much! I love this necklace!! :)

  16. Thanks, Kay! I'm so excited to let my toes be free haha!

  17. Love your "I write therefore I am." You look great; love this outfit.


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