Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Outfit: Professional Gal

I saw this outfit Nicole of Writes Like A Girl wore a month ago and I was like, "Yes, I have pieces similar to this and I must recreate it!" This outfit made me feel professional (due to the blazer and corduroy pants) and laid back at the same time (because everything in this outfit is stretchy and comfy).

I never told you guys this, but back in June at a work event called Burger & Beer Blast there were Bravo camera crews for a reality TV show called Friends 2 Lovers. Kris Ruby, one of the women on the show, has a company called Ruby Media Group that works with Westchester Magazine (where I work). Well, while at the event she asked if I wanted to be on the show to talk about social media and I said yes. I signed a release form and then the most awkward three minutes of my life happened. We talked about social media for Westchester Magazine and I wasn't sure whether to look at the camera or not.

The Burger & Beer Blast episode aired two weeks ago and I had no idea if I was going to be in it or not. I wasn't. And I'm kind of glad. It was filmed at 6pm after a full day of moving stuff and being in the hot sun. I was sweaty and I no doubt made a fool of myself. Haha! There goes my three minutes of fame!
Blazer: Urban Outfitters {same in gray} | Top: Marshalls | Pants: Loft
Shoes: Target | Bag: Old Navy

Where do you get your outfit inspiration?
Did you see the show Friends 2 Lovers?

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  1. Oh no! I remember you telling me about your TV debut :-P Well at least you're not upset about it. I love this outfit! I always wear blazers to work!

  2. really like the royal blue paired with black

    Keep in touch



  3. Love the color combo! Alex


  4. How good you discovered this outfit as it fits you also so well <3

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


  5. Love that gorgeous top. It's such a pretty color on you! That's so cool though that you were almost on TV :)


  6. This outfit looks so great on you! I think I would be really awkward on TV or a video too... I'm a pretty awkward person anyway but when I'm nervous I feel extra awkward and spastic. haha!

  7. I love that little tag on your bag! Also the outfit is so cute and professional! I was in a commercial once for a local potato chip company, I remembered freaking out when I saw myself on TV. It was only on local channels, but still, it was really awesome haha!

  8. Nicole is just the best! You two are so cute and I love that you are inspired by her!

  9. I'm sorry you missed out on your moment of fame! I would've totally spazzed too. Also, I really, really, really love your top--such a fantastic color!

  10. Lookin' good! Those pants are perfect!

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  11. What a pity that they did not show your part! If I was in that situation I know I would have been a nervous, awkward mess! Your outfit is really nice and definitely something I would wear.

  12. I wish I lived closer to Nicole, so I could hang out with her! She's so awesome! Thank you!!!

  13. That's so awesome! I bet it was really weird seeing yourself, like hearing your own voice on a recording! Thanks, Jess!

  14. Seeing myself on TV would be so weird haha!


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