Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bookworm Wishlist

Hey there, fellow bookworm friends! I love how books bring people together through the acts of sharing books, talking about books, taking pictures of books (and then sharing them on Instagram), and just generally loving books. Talking to other book nerds, even if they read different genres than me, is always a highlight of my day. I always discover new books to read and it's fascinating which book got someone into reading. Isn't it amazing how books have touched people's lives?
Bookworm Wishlist

My book nerd wishlist:
 Library Print -- What a beautiful print!
 Love For Books Earrings -- #truth
 Books Are Magic Sweater -- I couldn't resist, so I bought this. 
 Fountain Pen Paper Weight -- The coolest paper weights I've ever seen. 
 Fashionista Bookworm Phone Case -- How I wish I looked while I read haha!
 Hand Stamped Spoon -- Perfect for any bookworm.
 Bookworm Phone Case -- So pretty. 
 Poe Paper Doll -- These paper dolls are so awesome!
 I'd Rather Be At Hogwarts Mug -- NEED THIS!
 Book Nerd Soy Candles -- Who doesn't need more candles?

What's on your book nerd wishlist?
What book got you interested in reading?

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  1. great blog, love it!


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