Friday, August 14, 2015

Sponsor Spotlight: Simply Chic Jewelry

Have you ever come across a shop on Etsy and felt like the pieces were made for you? For me, one of those shops is Simply Chic Jewelry! I'm seriously in love with every piece of jewelry being sold in Rachael's shop. I've always liked simple, classic, minimalist but colorful jewelry, and Simply Chic Jewelry fits the bill.  

The best part is Rachael makes all of the jewelry by hand and is always coming up with cool, fresh ideas (like these gemstone rings and these thin stacked rings). Because it's all handcrafted she has no problem customizing the jewelry. I was able to get this beautiful druzy ring with a cobalt stone and silver wire instead of the gold it showed online. If you're a fan of elegant jewelry, I would recommend this shop.

Simply Chic Jewelry

What's your favorite jewelry style?

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