Monday, June 6, 2016

6 Ways To Support An Author

ONE | Buy their books!

It seems obvious, but it should still be said that authors are able to write more books if their current one is doing well in sales. It's just a sad fact of life. That doesn't mean you should buy every single book that comes out ever, but if you really, really love an author then you should consider buying their books, especially if you want them to write more. And the plus side is that you have a pretty book to add to your collection and show off! 

If you're not able to buy books, then get them at the library. I heard that publishers know when books are requested and read at local libraries, so I hope that's true.

TWO | Go to their local events

There's nothing better than when an author comes to you! If an author you like will be at your local bookstore then drive, take a bus, hop a train, bike ride, or use a jetpack to get there to see them read in person. You might even get that beautiful book signed. And you get to talk with people who also love that author. Win-win!

THREE | Write a review

It doesn't necessarily have to be five stars and the most positive review ever, but just having a good review means a lot to an author, whether they're a new author and not. Write that review on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, NetGalley, wherever. Just tell people you read a really cool book and that they should read it too.
FOUR | Use social media to express how excited you are about their books

Social media is such a great way to connect with authors and publishers. You could tweet about the books you've read, tweet about the books you want to read, tweet the author, tell the publisher how amazing the cover art is, post something to Facebook, show the book off on Snapchat, and/or take a picture to share on Instagram (#bookstagram for the win!). Authors and publishers like seeing the book "in the wild." 

FIVE | Start a conversation with the author on Twitter

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with #4, but authors like interacting with their readers, so start a conversation. Go into detail about what you loved, share how this book inspired you, tell the author how their book made you feel better on a crappy day, share a quote you loved from their book, etc. 
SIX | Be creative

Write fanfiction, draw the characters, recreate the cover, buy merchandise based on the book, create a graphic with a quote from the book and then put it a mug or a tote bag or a t-shirt, read the book in a book club, leave the book in a little free library so more people can read it, and so much more; the options are endless. 

Go forth and read! 
How do you support your favorite authors? 

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