Friday, June 3, 2016

Inspired By: Me Before You

Me Before You, written by Jojo Moyes, is about Louisa Clark, who loses her job at a cafe. She decides to take a job being a caretaker for Will Traynor, a man who lost his desire to live after a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed. Louisa's positive and colorful view of life begins to change Will's life for the better. 

I don't usually like reading books that are heavy and heartbreaking, but once I saw the trailer earlier this year I knew I had to read it. I listened to the audiobook and loved it. This book is beautiful, thought-provoking, emotional, heart-rending, and bittersweet. I can't wait to see this movie, but I'll definitely be bringing tissues!

Louisa Clark
Louisa -- Me Before You

Louisa (Emilia Clarke) is a happy-go-lucky and upbeat person and that's reflected in her bright and bold outfits. Her whole wardrobe is seriously so adorable and colorful and I would raid it in a heartbeat!

She wears the cutest vacation look: a striped top, a red necktie, a cityscape skirt, yellow and gray striped sneakers (for a subtle way to wear Louisa's favorite stockings). Or throw on a red dress and red heels for a fancy night out. 

Will Traynor
Will -- Me Before You
Will (Sam Claflin) is a rich, young man who had everything going for him: a great job, a great girlfriend, a great life, but it all ended when he got into an accident. Now he's paralyzed and hates his life, but Louisa is about to make it brighter. 

Going to a party? Put on a white dress, a black blazer, black T-strap heels, and a bow bracelet. Or wear a gray cardigan, blue ruffled top, white jeans, and striped loafers. 

Katrina Clark
Katrina -- Me Before You
Katrina (Jenna Coleman), or Treena for short, is Louisa's younger sister, who is highly intelligent and is a single mother with a cute baby boy. She helps Louisa come up with ideas for how to open Will up to new experiences. 

Being a mom means being comfortable, so throw on a gray tee, black jeans, a wrap bracelet, and red flats. Or instead put on an olive jacket, an orange blouse, jeans, and brown booties. 

Did you read the book?
Will you be seeing the movie? 

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