Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Review: Frostbeard Studio Candles

My fellow book nerds (AKA you guys) know that us book lovers like to collect anything remotely bookish, whether it's bookshelf prints, pillows with quotes, Funko Pops (hello Harry Potter!) or cute jewelry. I'm also obsessed with collecting hoarding bookish candles and my favorite place to get them is from Frostbeard Studio

On my own, I've bought Reading at the Cafe (my favorite because it smells like chocolate and coffee!), Sexy Librarian, Winterfell, and three of their one-month-only candles: Divination Classroom, Wordsmith, and Sherwood Forest. Yeah, as you can tell I really, really love their candles, so I was thrilled when the lovely owners, Roxie and Tom, wanted to send me two more! I got Sherlock's Study and Pemberely Gardens

So why do I love their candles? The main reason is because they're so fragrant! Lit or unlit, they have a strong smell that fills the whole room. The second reason is because the scents are based on books and what book lover could refuse that? Certainly not me!

Plus, they have scents for everyone; candles that smell like tea or florals or coffee or books themselves. And they also have soy tarts if you can't burn a candle and sample packs if you're indecisive. 

**Thanks to Frostbeard Studio for sending these candles. All opinions are my own.**
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Are you a bookish candle lover?

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