Friday, December 16, 2011

Homeland Security Graduation

So the past couple of days I've been away in Maryland. I left Wednesday morning to see my dad graduate from Customs and Border Protection training (it's a part of Homeland Security, if you don't know). He's been away for over ten weeks training hard, learning a lot, and being tested constantly. There were fourteen people in this training group, including my dad, and for the second time since 2003, no one was kicked out for failing a test. Yay!

Since my grandpa is a World War II vet, he pinned the badge on my dad after his name was called. 

My little half-sister, Brianna. Isn't she cute?

My dad and I!

On the way home, on Thursday, my dad, Brianna, and I walked through a town, then explored a state park for a little while. I wish it had been more sunny, but the leaves and mossy rocks in the forest looked beautiful nonetheless. We then drove back up to NY, which took about five hours.

Congrats, Dad, on graduating!

(Sorry some of the pictures were blurry.)

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