Monday, April 30, 2012

A Commuter's Guide

I've been a commuter for the past five years now, so going back and forth to school has taught me a lot about patience and what to bring with me before I leave the house. Whether you take a bus, a train, or travel by car, there are several things you might want to have in your bag, just in case. You never know when you'll get a headache, when the train will be colder than usual, or when the bus will be late.

Here's my guide to being a commuter...
A Commuter's Guide
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  • Bag -- a place to put all your goodies and the things you need
  • Travel umbrella -- sometimes sunny days turn out to be not so sunny
  • Sunglasses -- sometimes not so sunny days turn out to be very sunny
  • Scarf -- if you get cold or want to hide a bad hair day
  • Lip balm -- sometimes those lips needs moisturizing
  • Tide To-Go Pen -- a lifesaver if your food didn't make it to your mouth
  • Book, tablet or audiobook -- for when you're waiting or driving
  • Face / body wipes -- if you need to feel refreshed
  • Shine Eraser -- to get rid of oil but keep your make up on
  • Painkiller -- to ease the headache you got from listening to your teacher's or boss' voice
  • Snack cup or snack -- for when hunger strikes

Not pictured:
  • Cards -- credit card, I.D., metrocard, business cards
  • Hair ties -- to get your hair out of your face
  • Cash and change -- if you need to buy something now, forgot your metrocard, or need to park at a meter
  • Make up necessities -- if you need to reapply anything later in the day
  • Charger -- for phone or tablet
  • Water bottle -- for when thirst overtakes you
  • Hand sanitizer -- for after you touched something that someone else touched
  • Keys -- to get back into your house

Anything else you guys bring with you? What did you think of my guide?

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  1. the mustache bag is so funny, it reminds me of the silly mustaches we made fun of :-P i always make sure i have a sweater, chapstick, my ipod, hand sanitizer, and lots of gum since i always end up falling asleep on the train so i need to freshen my breath!

    1. That's why I picked the mustache bag! I thought it was funny! A sweater is a good idea -- I always make sure I have one.

  2. There are very functional yet so pretty!! Lovely umbrella too :)) xo akiko

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