Friday, April 6, 2012

Life Lately

As you know, this week I had to take either the Metro-North and a bus, or two buses and a subway to get to school. If someone's creating a teleportation device, I would like them to hurry up and finish it already. In case you need proof of my journeying to school and back...

 New turquoise sweater from Old Navy that I got on sale -- perfect for cool summer nights

 City College I.D. card, new business card, MetroCard

 My little brother, Leo, on our new toy (iPad)

 On the 1 train going home

 New reads -- yes, they're all almost a thousand pages long
and yes, I also have books to read for school, but that will not discourage me!

 Custom leather tag from Of The Fountain (Etsy)

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend to celebrate Passover or Easter or both!

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  1. I want whatever camera you are using. Those are sweet pictures!

    1. Aw, thanks so much! It's actually a several years old Polaroid digital camera. I think an i835. But I also use Photoshop to make them look cooler. lol

  2. Great photos :) Sounds like a pain to have to do that much traveling to get to school but I am jealous you're in NY!

    1. Yep, it's a tremendous pain, but I do feel lucky that I live so close to NYC. I should thank my parents for choosing to live here, lol!

  3. saraaaaa barrrraaaa! this is kind of a random question but i really like your to do list pad, where did you get it? slash where do you think i could get something like that? :) hope all is well! miss youuuu xo

    1. I miss you too! I got it on Amazon. Here's the link:


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