Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Outfit: Casual Wednesday

On Wednesdays and Fridays I don't have class, so most weeks I work instead, but they didn't need me to work last week, so I had the day off. And by day off I mean I did homework, and by homework I mean critiquing other classmates' stories.

I really like the colors in my outfit -- blues, purples, and a bright pink! I think they all complement each other very well. And I'm in love with my new bag! I've been wanting a new cross shoulder bag but also one that looks like an oxford satchel. This one is perfect because it's the perfect size for me (I usually only carry the essentials), it's pink, and it was only $15. Score!

I also like how the inside and underside of the strap is suede.

Cardigan // Thrifted
Shirt // American Apparel
Jeans // Forever 21
Flats // Target
Satchel // Ebay
Nail polish // Revlon's Gold Coin

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