Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gifts for Science Geeks

If you know a science geek, then you might think it's hard to find something for one of them, but I think it's actually rather easy. Firstly, what kind of science geek are they? Astrogeek? Envirogeek? Dinogeek? Or totally cool lab coat-wearing scientist? Then all you have to figure out is whether they would want something useful, funny, or just plain awesome.

 Science Beaker Necklace by Corso Studio (Etsy)

(And a Pocket Microscope for on the go!)
(By the way, ThinkGeek is seriously one of the best places to find cool gifts!)

Mobius Ring by Binster (Etsy)
(Check this set for a science-loving couple by TDN Creations!)

Hydro-Powdered Clock at Perpetual Kid
(Another great place to find stuff is Perpetual Kid!)

Sprout Bookmarks at Perpetual Kid

(Because what is now science fiction may one day be science fact!)

What do you think? Know any science geeks? Are you one?

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  1. these are totally awesome! im always on think geek looking for gifts for ben! i really love the star projector and the book sprout is adorable!!

  2. I want basically everything on this list, but I NEED that Neil DeGrasse Tyson quote shirt!!


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