Monday, May 14, 2012

Outfit: Stripes & Sharkbites

I recently bought my first shirt from StyleMint. At first I was kind of wary about it and I wasn't sure what the whole fascination with it was. I thought, There just t-shirts, right? And kind of expensive ones at that. But I loved the Madison tee the first time I saw it on Jane of See Jane. And first time buyers get 20% off, so I figured why not?

Now I'm even more in love! The t-shirt is soft and comfortable and I can definitely see myself wearing it for a long, long time. Let's just hope I don't spill anything on it since it's mostly white.

Plus, now I own something with stripes!

Oh, and if you're wondering about the sharkbite part of the title; the Madison tee is in a sharkbite style, meaning that the sides are slightly longer than the front and back.

It was just a t-shirt and jeans kind of day.

P.S. -- I bought myself a very early birthday present -- a new camera! I'll also be getting this neck strap for it. Can't wait!

Shirt // StyleMint
Jeans // Forever21
Flats // Target (not pictured)
Pink nail polish // Opi's Techno Girl
Neon pink polish // Color Club's Jackie Oh!

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  1. i´m happy with your blog. Come and check out mine!

  2. that shirt looks comfy! i love the second to last photo of you!!!

  3. I keep thinking that I need to join StyleMint. I hear how soft they are all the time and nothing is better than a soft t-shirt!

    1. They really are soft!! Just keep in mind that if you don't want to buy anything for the month that you have to skip it or they'll charge you!


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