Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three Historical Miniseries You Should Watch

The Pillars of the Earth
This eight-part miniseries follows the lives that are affected by the construction of a cathedral in the fictional Kingsbridge in 12th century England. It's based on the book, The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follet, which I also highly recommend. As the cathedral is built, we fall in love or come to hate various characters and watch as their lives are ruined or their dreams come true. The amount of detail, the costumes, the history, the drama, the romance, and the authenticiy of it is magnificent.

Starring Ian McShane, Donald Sutherland, Mathew Macfadyen, Rufus Sewell, Eddie Redmayne,  and Hayley Atwell.

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North & South
A four-part miniseres about Margaret Hale (Daniela Denby-Ashe), a strong-willed young woman from the south of England who has to move to an industrial town in the north when her father leaves the clergy. The family struggles to adjust while Margaret clashes with John Thornton (Richard Armitage), who owns a cotton mill. It takes place in 1855 and is based on the book, North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell, which explores class distinctions and workers rights.

If you like Pride and Prejudice, you'll love this story.

The Kindle book is free!

Little Dorrit
A five-episode miniseries follows Amy Dorrit (Claire Foy), who has lived in the Marshalsea Debtor's Prison all her life with her father (Tom Courtenay), who she takes care of. In order to help financially, Amy Dorrit works for Mrs. Clennam (Judy Parfitt). When Arthur Clennam (Mathew Macfadyen) comes home after many years abroad, he befriends Amy and changes the lives of those around him. A great story about family and love.

Based on the novel, Little Dorrit, by Charles Dickens.

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Are going to check them out? Any other miniseries you like?

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  1. Oh I love all these miniseries(es?)!!! I am a sucker for a historical anything - book, film, TV show - and these were all fabulous. HBO and BBC really do have the best shows on them, don't they? Found your blog via Coming Unstitched - I'm so glad I did!


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