Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lusting: Colorful Cropped Trousers

I've been wanting a pair of brightly-colored cropped trousers to wear to work in order to look more professional, or to wear dressed down with a black t-shirt and cardigan. There's so many choices online and so many great colors to choose from, but since I'm so short (4'10") I'll have to shop for cropped pants in store to make sure the fit is right. Most of the time cropped pants are still too long on me! Oh the woes of being a shortie!
Lusting: Colorful Cropped Trousers
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What do you think of cropped trousers?

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  1. Love these! They could actually be perfect for work - classic cut but a bold pop of color!

  2. i love colored pants! i just roll all mine up so they fit. so. short.

    1. I could roll them up a little, but too much rolling and I think it looks a bit sloppy.

  3. Colored pants are so fun. As a fellow shortie, you could hem them or have them hemmed!


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