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Inspired By: The Lying Game

I'm obsessed with The Lying Game! This show is about twins who were separated at birth, where one (Emma) was put into the foster system and the other (Sutton) was adopted by a rich family. The two sisters finally meet at sixteen; while Sutton goes off to find her birth mother, good-hearted Emma pretends to be her spoiled sister. In the first season alone, there was betrayal, murder, lies, drama, and love, so I can't wait to see what the second season has in store!
The second season premieres Tuesday, January 8th at 9pm on ABC Family.

Emma Becker & Sutton Mercer
Inspired By: The Lying Game -- Emma & Sutton
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Tough but sweet Emma leaves her foster family in Las Vegas to meet up with her outspoken, spoiled sister, Sutton, in Pheonix. There they swap clothing so that Sutton can go off to California in search of answers, while Emma goes to Sutton's family. Emma originally started off wearing jean jackets, hoodies, backpacks, and sneakers, but pretending to be Sutton came with a big perk -- a whole closet of gorgeous clothes. Dress like the twins (played by Alexandra Chando) by wearing a black bandage dress with heels, or a sheer blouse, blazer, sequined skirt, and heels.
Ethan Whitehorse
Inspired By: The Lying Game -- Ethan
Ethan Whitehorse (Blair Redford) is the quintessential "bad boy" with a motorcycle, who sometimes gets in trouble with the law and lives in a trailer with his older, police officer brother. Originally Sutton's boyfriend, Ethan and Emma become close while Sutton is away. And when watching this show, sometimes you get to see him shirtless! To dress like this bad boy, wear a black collared shirt, black jeans, black moto boots, and leather gloves (for when driving your motorcycle), or for a casual day at school put on a brown leather jacket, plaid shirt, green jeans, and brown sneakers.
Madeline "Mads" Rybak
Inspired By: The Lying Game -- Mads Rybak
Madeline Rybak, or Mads, (played by Alice Greczyn) is Sutton's best friend and a rich girl with a heart of gold. She has no idea that Emma is pretending to be Sutton, but knows that she's been acting strangely. Mads has an edgy, more provocative sense of style and wears a lot of dresses and skirts to show off her legs. To dress like Mads at a party, put on a black and gray bandage dress with a black maryjane heels, sparkly earrings, and a studded clutch. For a day at school, wear an off the shoulder red dress, leather jacket, brown heels, and a structured bag.
Thayer Rybak
Inspired By: The Lying Game -- Thayer Rybak
Mads' older brother Thayer Rybak (Christian Alexander) may be rich but he's also down to earth and sweet. He's also very good with a computer and helps his friends by doing some investigative work. Thayer dresses like a laidback rich kid -- blazers, collared shirts, ties, polo shirts, dark wash jeans, and sneakers. Look like Thayer by wearing a navy blazer, sheer blue shirt, sparkly necklace, jeans, and heeled desert boots, or with a peter pan collar shirt, black jeans, blue watch, and wedged sneakers. Don't forget the keys to your BMW!
Do you watch this show? Which outfit do you like best?

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  1. All right, time to watch new show. I love your inspiration posts because I always find new things I like :D

  2. that sparkly skirt is awesome! would have been great for new years

  3. I've never seen the show, but I talk about good style inspiration! I love Madeline's red dress: so classy!

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

    1. They dress so well on that show, sometimes unrealistically, but I love it!

  4. these are so spot on!! i literally can't wait for tuesday!!!! it's been far too long :) we should have a lying game party and watch the premiere together!! xo

  5. New TV show to add to my list! Looks good!

    x Gi


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