Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Outfit: Neutral & Red

Yes, I'm not wearing a jacket in these pictures. No, it was not warm. At all. It was absolutely freezing. But enough about the weather; I really need to start wearing the colored denim that I have in my closet more. Blue jeans can get boring fast. Red jeans on the other hand add a pop of color and are more fun to wear!
So I'm doing a fun Valentine's Day Blogging Party / Gift Exchange hosted by Casey, Nicole, Lauren, Alycia, and Ashlee. My Valentine partner is Aline of Tamed Musings. I can't wait to see if she likes her Valentine's Day goodies! And I'm eager to see my gift!

Sweater // LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls {similar}
Top (worn underneath) // Walmart
Jeans // Ebay
Boots // Forever 21 {similar}
Bag // Old Navy {similar & similar}

Do you like colored denim? Are you excited about Valentine's Day?

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  1. oh i love that sweater! it looks perfect with the red jeans. red and beige is such a great color combination, which is why i always pair red and leopard print.

  2. I love that sweater! The dots are so fun.

  3. Absolutely loving the bold red with the neutral sweater! Stunning casual chic look.

    Alexandra xo


  4. You look lovely in that sweater! It is absolutely gorgeous!

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  5. lauren conrad's stuff from kohls is so fantastic, so many great pieces!! sunny has a bunch! we should go shopping there so i can get some of her stuff :) also the second to last photo is amazingly shot, did it come out that way or didja add a little something to it? lovely post!! :)

    1. I love her stuff! It always fits so well! We should definitely go!

      Yep, I used the app Afterglow to add a little something to it! :)

  6. Those red pants look great on you, and the glasses. :]

  7. I loooooooove that sweater!!! Ahhh!

  8. That sweater is amazing! Lauren Conrad always makes the cutest things.

    xo erica

  9. you look RAD in the red Sara and you know i love colored denim. heck ya! you seriously rocked this whole look, full stop. ♥


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