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Guest Post: Empty Space

Hey everyone! I want to introduce you to Jastene of Empty Space. She's a new blogger who writes about her thoughts, fashion, reviews, and her love of Sponge Bob. Read about her life and why she became a blogger below.

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Hey! It’s My Empty Space and ME!

First, I would like to extend my warm greetings to everyone especially to Ms. Sarah and to all the bloggers who feel blessed and loved. Have a wonderful and lovely day everyone. I also want to say thank you to Ms. Sarah for allowing me to be her guest blogger and it's an honor as my first time to do this and so, for this post I will be introducing more about myself and how I begun to start blogging and calling it my Empty Space.

Hello! My name is Jastene, but you can call me Jassy. I am 19 years old and turning 20 this July. I am a Bachelor in Arts in Communication Arts major in Speech and Corporate Communications student at the University of the Philippines Mindanao Campus. I am the eldest among the family, a lover of Arts and a collector.

            Aside from that, I like to sing, dance a little, act, write, blog, make friends, write letters, write poems, collect stuffs like notebooks, pens, Sponge Bob stuff, accessories and more. I am just a simple girl and easy to get along with. I am most of the time passionate about things that I love and I always believe in the saying “Everything happens for a reason.”
As a kid, I am fond of keeping and writing a diary even though it is not every day that I write an entry I make sure that I write twice to thrice a week. I am more of the introvert kind of person and instead of being vocal of what I feel I write everything down and just keep it to myself. I cannot remember when I started to have a diary but I remember that it was my mom who gave it to me and because of that I begun to like sharing my thoughts through writing.

After owning a diary, I remembered I started to do scrapbooking after I watched a local TV talking about it. I was so excited by that time and then I did a DIY with my first scrapbook and of course by that time I was not only writing to express myself but I was also adding up photos and other stuff to keep some memories worth remembering.

I realized I was not only fond of writing about my own feelings and stuff but I also like to keep memories especially expressed through a photograph and as of this time, I have FOUR scrapbooks. (not a professional though hehehe)

As time passes by technologies advances and everything else does. I myself started to be hooked with the internet and had my Facebook account at the age of 15. The virtual world opened many opportunities for me to share my ideas and thoughts and to meet other people from the different parts of the world. I just love to communicate with different kinds of people and because of that, I become more interested with writing letters and sending post cards to my new found virtual friends and as of my last update, here are all the letters. Sorry haven’t posted the post cards yet maybe sometime soon.   

 Aside from that, I just discovered that I like to write poems there was a time that I was not doing anything and just started to write and tada I wrote my first poem entitle “The Flower Petal in the Wind.” As of this moment, I have 27 poems with different topics depending on my mood and the inspiration that I can get by watching TV, reading, and thinking about anything under the sun. My personal favorite topic is about life itself since I believe that there are great things that come with life and it is filled with different wonders, & amazing surprises. If you are interested about it, you can visit my blog, check out some of my poems, and leave some comments too.

Aside from being passionate about writing in paper, I was able to check out a blog entry a few months ago and then I begun to post a blog entry on my own about random stuff that I had been doing, fashion, giveaway updates, life, poetry, Sponge Bob and more. After posting that more ideas came in, interest were adding and I begun to continue blogging. I have TWO main blogs by the way that is in Tumblr and Blogger. I named both my blogs Empty Space because in I feel that I can write endlessly and express myself with no limits through writing in a piece of empty space. In this area, I can be myself; I can create and share anything w/my own reality. I like how I don’t need to pretend to be someone else and I just want to inspire many people through my blog post and even just write random stuff for fun. I am just a starter in this field and still in the process to improve myself. If you are interested, please check out my blog and follow me via GFC.  Keep blogging everyone and have a good day ahead. With love, Jassy. 

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