Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DIY Studded Jean Shorts

This DIY is so easy that pictures are probably enough, but I might as well write a little something. For this fun DIY you only need two things: plain jean shorts and studs (I got mine from an old leather belt).

1. Plan out where you want to place them.

2. Poke the ends through the shorts and press the ends down so they don't poke you in the leg when you wear them. Check if you like how they look before moving onto the next row.

3. Add more studs!

4. You can add two (or more) studs on the other pocket, or if you want you can put them down the sides or even on the back. It's completely up to you.

5. Admire your work and then wear them! I plan on wearing mine with a striped shirt and gladiator sandals.

What would you wear studded shorts with?

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  1. Love the Shorts so much!!!

  2. Really cool idea! I rarely wear shorts but I might try this on a skirt or a top :)


    1. Putting studs on a skirt or top is a great idea! You could also do it to jeans as well!

  3. i love to make my own distressed and studded jeans! i wear my with everything...blazers, tees, and oversized sweaters!

    great pictures.
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    1. I would love to try making my own distressed jeans! Great idea!

  4. Wow, this DIY-Short looks just perfect, dear Sara <3 I would wear them with a white shirt, a striped shirt or a feminine blouse.

    I love topshop, too, and your outfit!

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

    1. Thanks so much, Rena! You always leave the sweetest comments!

  5. These look so cute! And pretty simple -- maybe I'll have to try it out to wear with something sweet and floral on top.
    grey et al

  6. Cute! I want to do this to an old pair of shorts I have. They're camo, but I think it will still look cool. Thanks for the DIY! :)

    xo. Mandy


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