Friday, December 27, 2013

Favorite Things

UD lipstick in Rush, Julep nail polish in Blakely (gift), Purple scarf (gift from Brittany), 
Journal (gift) & Bath & Body Works candle in Champagne Toast. 

I got so many wonderful gifts through friends and two blogger swaps (one through Rachael of Letters from a Mermaid and the other through Alex of Glory Boon)! I feel so loved! I also got a few things for myself because I couldn't resist those booties, a congratulatory lipstick, peppermint bark chocolate, and a wonderful-smelling candle. 

A few fun links:

♥ Because no one is perfect.

♥ The pictures by Jee Young Lee are so otherworldly and amazing!

♥ What is love? This video is so cute and shows what real love is.

♥ I would be so happy if these Harry Potter emojis existed!

♥ A bull-shit free guide to jump-starting your goals!

♥ Which Celtic zodiac are you? (I'm Oak.)

♥ Lynn's pictures always make me happy!

♥ This DIY antler necklace is so creative!

♥ Share your 3-minute story on ReadWave.

♥ Braids, Buns & Twists! I need this book!

♥ The power of empathy.

♥ A human undergoes animal testing for animal rights for LUSH.

♥ I was interviewed on Not Intent on Arriving & Ten Penny Dreams!

♥ Sponsor love: Jessica of Dream Mo(o)re's engagement photos are so sweet and romantic and a little sassy! I can't get enough of House of Garland's headbands! This one is especially pretty! Love this classy necklace from eFoxCity, and this cute dress from Everbuying!

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  1. I got so many gifts.. Those boots are too die for and I loved the floral mug
    Don't forget to enter my $50 Choies Giveaway

  2. Love the shoes and mag!

  3. You got some adorable mugs! And I think everyone should treat themselves to a little gift (or two, haha) during the holidays :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Lingerie Giveaway!

  4. Wow. Looks like you got some goodies. Wish I known about those swaps.

  5. Beautiful gifts! I love the floral mug and gorgeous ankle boots!!

  6. So many great items! A friend of mine gave me the same "S" mug this year too! (Except, obviously, mine is a C) Hope you had a great holiday!


  7. How do you like the UD lipstick? I really want to try it but it's quite expensive. Love the scarf and shoes too!

  8. Love everything on your favorites list! I feel that we have much of the same style :-) I want a big cup like that floral one for my tea!

  9. You got really wonderful things, I love the cute cups and I felt in love with the purple scarf :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    International giveaway for your good figure

  10. Oh goodness! What a flow of tears over the "What is Love?" video. So beautiful.


  11. I love Peppermint Bark, mmmm! I wanted to like that bullshit free guide, and I may still look into the guide further - but I hate the idea that every blogger, or at least most, don't share honest parts of their lives. I share pretty much everything!

    I'm a Holly! I love the Celtic Zodiac, and found out that the zodiac existed only earlier this year!

  12. It's nice that you share so much of your life because it makes people connect to you! I don't share everything just because I like my privacy and I want to keep my blog as happy a place as I can, but I agree that some honesty is needed!

  13. Thanks, Nicole!! You can get a similar floral cup at Barnes & Noble!

  14. I really love the UD lipstick! It's creamy and the color payoff is great and it's not too drying. I would recommend it!

  15. Thanks, Chelsea! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  16. Thanks! Glad you had a good holiday!

  17. All the item look so lovely and adorable (: belated merry Christmas to you too dear! x

  18. That journal is so perfect! Love it. You always share so many lovely things :)

  19. You got so many wonderful gifts girl! Great boots as gift for yourself too! Hope you have a wonderful new year!

    Canvas June

  20. Love those booties and your cups! I saw those Jee Young Lee's photos and her work is stunning. Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday :)
    x atelier zozo

  21. Thanks for the shoutout, Sara! I was actually just asking my friend the other day where I could get that BLAKEY shade from Julep!! Love that nail colour! I'm also loving those short boots!

  22. Everything looks so perfect! I love the S mug ^^



  23. You are quite welcome! I love the Blakely shade so much! I like that it looks dark gray from a distance but is purple and green up close!

  24. my celtic sign is a reed...interesting.I wonder what that says about me


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