Saturday, December 14, 2013

REVOLT Week 10

I still haven't started exercising again. The pain has gone down considerably, but I'm wary of exercising and possibly restarting this pain that I had. I also haven't been in the mood to get my butt off the couch because of all the worry and the doctor visits. Instead of exercising, I've been drinking more water and eating smaller portions. 

Goal: Snack less!

This Week: Drink water!

Weight: Forgot to weight myself. 

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  1. I have the same hole , snack less.. But I think it's impossible for me.. :)
    Take care
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  2. You are so lovely and I hope you get better fast! Just keep your eye on your goal and make sure you are feeling better first. xx

  3. Oh no, I really hope you feel better soon! I'm glad you're not pushing yourself, as it could only make the pain worse. Sending good thoughts your way! :)

  4. Oh, I should definitely cut back on snacks! But it is so hard! :/
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  5. I hope you feel better soon! Go you for doing what you CAN in terms of drinking more water, etc.

  6. what else did the doctor say?

  7. Dear Sara, sometimes rests are really necessary! And as you ate less and drank more water I think everthing is okay ... hope your health, too, and the doctor gave you only good messages.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  8. Thanks, Rena! I'm trying to take it easy and rest!

  9. He said my ovaries are fine, it wasn't appendicitis (I got a sonogram), so it's either because I didn't have an egg during my last period or a muscle strain. The pain is pretty much gone now, so that's good. I'll probably start doing ab exercises this week since I don't want to turn into a ball of mush.

  10. Thanks, Danielle! I'm feeling much much better!

  11. I'm glad it wasn't too serious!

  12. Good for you for taking the time to really rest... so many people don't and end up feeling that much more pain because of it! Fitness goals aren't achieved overnight. You'll get there :)


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