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Ipsy Glam Bag (November 2013)

I know it's way late, but I still wanted to share what I got in November's Ipsy Glam Bag. I love love love the products I got in my pretty gold faux-snakeprint make up bag. This month's theme was Glam It Up, which is perfect for all the holiday parties coming up and a little sparkle is always needed. 

For the month of November, I recieved:
 Em by Michelle Phan's Lash Gallery Lengthening Mascara (full size $20)
♥ Be A Bombshell's Lip Crayon in Hot Damn (full size $14)
♥ Nailtini's Nail Polish in Caviar Cocktail (full size $13)
♥ Pixi Beauty's Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched (full size $18)
 Starlook's Gem Eye Pencil in Topaz (full size $14)
 BH Cosmetics' Galaxy Baked Eye Shadow in Asteroid (full size $13, sample $2)

This month's bag was worth $81! Definitely the most amount since almost all but one of the products were full-size.

Em by Michelle Phan's Lash Gallery Lengthening Mascara

I generally don't wear mascara (luckily, I was blessed with thick, long lashes), but the curve of the mascara want had me intrigued. It does make it easier to go on because it's curved the same way as your eye. It's actually a great mascara that really does lengthen quite a lot and only clumped a little, but that could be because I'm not good at using mascara. I'll probably use this now and then.

Be A Bombshell's Lip Crayon in Hot Damn 

I've been wanting more red lipsticks and this one is great. The color goes on smoothly and has strong pigmentation. It's not drying at all and there is a hint of gold sparkle in the lipstick. I love that it came as a lip crayon because I find them so easy to put on. It doesn't smell that good in the tube, but once it's on you can't smell anything. I'll definitely be wearing this lipstick. (I wore it in my blogiversary outfit post!)

Nailtini's Nail Polish in Caviar Cocktail 

I love a good metallic nail polish during the holiday season. This is a good-sized bottle, though I wouldn't say it's worth $13. It's a nice silver-gunmetal metallic color, but it's a little streaky on your nails after it dries. It does go on smoothly, so that's a plus.

Pixi Beauty's Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched 

I'm not a bronzer-wearer at all because I like being pale year round. That might be weird nowadays with all the tanning going on, but I like the way I look pale. Anyway, this bronzer is so silky and it's not dark or orangey, so I've worn it a few times as blush and eye shadow. I like the subtle shimmer.

Starlook's Gem Eye Pencil in Topaz 

This eyeliner is so sparkly and metallic. It goes on very smoothly and has a lot of pigmentation. The only problem is that when you want to take it off (I used a make up pad), it leaves sparkle all over your eyes. I'll probably only use this for parties.

BH Cosmetics' Galaxy Baked Eye Shadow in Asteroid 

The colors in this baked metallic eye shadow are gorgeous. There's a blue shadow and a burgundy-brown one, and when you mix them together it's a lovely purple-brown. This eye shadow goes on so smoothly and has a hint of sparkle. I love this so much and will be wearing it all the time.

What do you think of these products?

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  1. I've been wanting to subscribe to this makeup bag. Do you think it's worth it?

  2. I loved November's bag too! I'm very fair skinned (a redhead), but I was pleasantly surprised by the Pixi bronzer. It was very subtle and not orangey at all! :)

  3. Oh this is so cool! How much is it per month?? I would love to try out some of the EM by Michelle Phan products!!

  4. That sparkly liner is really fun for the holidays! And you can send me that bronzer since I use it like crazy in the winter, haha. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  5. I'm definitely going to be using the sparkly liner for parties! Thanks!

  6. It's $10 a month and you get five (sometimes six) products per bag! This is the first time Michelle Phan put one of her products in the bag, but I hope she does it more!

  7. That lip crayon looks awesome–I love the color!

  8. Definitely agree!! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I would say it's worth it! It's only $10 a month, and you get to try 5 and sometimes 6 products, and most of the time they're the full-size products. You even get to evaluate the products after you receive them to let them know whether you liked it or not and whether you want to receive something like that in the future.

  10. It's a great color! A nice orangey-red!

  11. Perfect! I think I'm going to give it a try...kinda like a personal Christmas present :)

  12. My friend received almost the exact same items in her ipsy!
    I'm not one to go for subscriptions myself but the price on this one is excellent.
    atelier zozo

  13. So you received indeed many wonderful products, thanks for sharing it here. Now I fear that I can´t get this in Germany ...

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  14. great theme for the month of Dec! gorgeous products arriving at the door complete with a pretty pouch to hold it all in would be pure radness :) i bet you'll be having such a blast testing all those girly indulgences out too!!

  15. I would try the Pixi bronzer. I've never tried bronzer, but I like the idea that it's not dark or orangey. A little shimmer could be fun :)

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  16. The Ipsy Glam Bags always look like so much fun, I love getting surprises in the mail but then I wonder if I'd really use all the products... and considering how many half-finished nailpolishes I own, probably not :) But I would love to get my hands on that lip crayon, the colour is gorgeous!

  17. I'm not usually a makeup/beauty item person, but you are slowly changing my mind - these sound pretty awesome!

  18. :)) red lipstick you should be mine! Hahahahaa evil laugh!

  19. that red lippy looks incredible!

  20. I used to not be much of beauty person either, but sometimes it's fun to try some new beauty things!

  21. That's true! Some of these products I end up not using because it's not something I would use, but I have friends that will take certain items, like mascara or super sparkly things.

  22. I hate when bronzer is orangey! The worst!

  23. I always have so much fun testing the products!!

  24. I wish you could get it in Germany! Hopefully one day they'll make it international!

  25. The price is great considering you get full-size products! Birchbox is also $10 a month, but it's mostly samples.


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