Monday, February 3, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Kate of Clear the Way

Today Kate of Clear the Way is taking over my blog!
January is over and that big rush of excitement over new beginnings and fresh starts has started to dwindle. We no longer have a blank page now that we’ve scribbled down a month of 2014. But why can’t we keep that fresh feeling going into February? 

February is often a hard month for me, honestly. It’s the thick of Winter (or as much “Winter" as California gets), the buzz of the Holidays and the New Year high catch up and make me tired, and it’s also a weird short month (always throws me off). Every year when February comes around I tend to get deeply sentimental and a little melancholy. Last year I shared a bit of this February Fatigue on my blog, Clear the Way, in the form of a playlist of sentimental songs. In this post I shared that our best tool for moving forward in life, no matter what life brings us, is choice. 

We can’t always control, but we can always choose. We can choose to see February as another clean slate, a blank page, a fresh start. We can choose to have grace with ourselves—if we haven’t done as well as we had hoped to with our resolutions or if we don’t know what we’ll be doing come Spring—and we can choose to keep trying. We can choose hope. 
I made this graphic (above) as a reminder for those who need it. For those of you with an iPhone 4 or 5, you can download the background below. If you don't have an iPhone and would like this background in the dimensions that suit your phone or tablet, please email me and I’d love to make that work for you. You can also find me in the following places:

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Be sure to download the iPhone background and say hello to Kate!

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  1. Its always hard to keep up the new year momentum. just need to keep reminding yourself of all the things you want to accomplish!

  2. February and March are also my less favorite months, I don´t know why, although February is the month of my birthday ... but I feel each year in that way ... Wish us only the best and a happy February!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Great feature, Sara! Kate is so nice, I love her blog. February makes me feel nostalgic, I really can't wait for spring and summer, warm weather please!! and flowers, lots of flowers!

  4. What a wonderful feature, Sara - thanks for the introduction to Kate, her blog is ew to me but I love what I'm seeing so far!

  5. Thanks, Elba! I love Kate and her blog too!

  6. I don't mind February even though it snows a lot, but March is the worst because you want it to finally be warm, but it doesn't get warm until April! Happy almost birthday!


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