Friday, February 21, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Tranae of Becoming Fabulous

Today Tranae of Becoming Fabulous is taking over my blog!

Hi! I’m Tranae of Becoming Fabulous, a DIY lifestyle blog. So if I had to pick my favorite thing to work with it would be spray paint. I absolutely love the stuff and it’s ability to take a project for ugly to fab. Don’t believe me… behold this bar cart and figurine as proof. Yes, I just said behold, crafting is that serious. And today we’re making over an ugly jewelry box that is screaming for a coat of spray paint. 

Usually, before and after projects start with the before shot, but where is the fun in that? So here are the after shots.
 photo jewelry-box-makeover.png
 photo jewelry-box-makeover1.png
And now the before picture…
 photo jewelryboxmakeoverbefore-after.png
Talk about a drastic change. And the great thing about this project is that it is super easy. All you need is an ugly jewelry box, spray paint, painter’s tape, sandpaper, fabric scraps, and Mod Podge. You will start by giving your box a light sanding and then wipe it clean.  Cover any areas with painter’s tape that need protecting. Next, add a couple coats of spray paint (I used 3 coats). Be sure to let it dry in between coats. And technically you’re done at this point. However, I wanted to glam mines up a little so I add fabric to the side panels of the drawers with Mod Podge. Easy right? 

If you like this project be sure to stop by my blog, Becoming Fabulous, for more projects or just stop by to say Hi. Oh wait, I almost forgot, today I’m giveaway away one of my yarn mandalas. Aside from spray paint, yarn is my second favorite thing. All my mandalas are custom made with the recipient in mind and you get to select the colors. Awesome, right? Be sure to enter and good luck.

 photo yarn-mandalas.png

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  1. Hi Tranae! I love your DIY. So cute :)

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  2. The jewelery box looks way too cute in purple color and tjose floral patterns
    Keep in touch

  3. Thanks Pooja. I love the purple too

  4. I'm so glad you like it! Tranae did a wonderful job!

  5. i love those drawers! the sides are so pretty!

  6. They're so pretty! She did an amazing job!

  7. Thank you. I got the fabric scraps from Hobby Lobby.


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