Thursday, June 11, 2015

Inspired By: iZombie

Raise your hand if you've seen iZombie! When I saw the commercials before it aired, I wasn't sure I would like it. I kind of came off as stupid and ridiculous, but I'm happy to say that this show is a blast; it's smart, fun, cheeky, and just a tad bloody.

It's based on a comic book series that I've never read, but now I really want to. The show follows Olivia, or Liv, who was a medical student and had a fiance, but then she attends a boat party where she gets bitten and turned into a zombie. When she eats the brains of someone, she gets the memories and personality of that person, so she helps solves murders. 

Liv -- iZombie
When Liv (Rose McIver) realized she had become a zombie, she left medical school and dumped her fiance (in order to protect him) and became a coroner's assistant, so that she could get easy access to brains. She's smart, cheeky, and cynical. She gets the memories of the murder victim's brains, so she helps solves crimes.

Liv tends to wear a lot of gray, purple, and red, so for a casual look wear a gray cardigan, a purple printed tank top, jeans, white drop earrings, and red bow flats. Or for work, put on a faux-leather sleeve gray dress, red stud earrings, and black ankle booties. 

Ravi -- iZombie
Dr. Ravi (Rahul Kohli) is a coroner and Liv's boss. He's clever, friendly, trustworthy, and loyal, which is why he's the only one of Liv's friends that is on the secret.

Wear something fun by putting on a scissor-printed tee, plaid and lace skirt, and black loafers. Or throw on something casual: a gray sweater, a crystal necklace, jean shorts, and blue Converse. 

Clive -- iZombie
Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) is a tough, intelligent, and street-smart cop, who starts working with Liv because she seems to "know" things about the murder victims, so he assumes that she's a psychic.

Clive always looks professional and cool, so wear a blue belted dress, a white necklace, blue stud earrings, and black wedges. Or put on a brown jacket, a window-pane print blouse, black jeans, a shield ring, and T-strap bow flats. 

Major / Peyton
Major & Peyton -- iZombie
Major (Robert Buckley) is Liv's ex-fiance and a social worker, who starts to see that weird things are happening and gets in too deep. Peyton (Aly Michalka) is Liv's best friend and roommate and she's a lawyer.

Going to a party? Dress up like Major and Peyton by wearing a black blazer, light blue blouse, distressed jeans, nude flats. Or throw on a cobalt blue dress, sparkly necklace, rose gold heart-shaped ring, and black pumps. 

Have you seen iZombie?

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  1. Oh I have so much love for iZombie - has to be one of my favorite shows atm (alongside the Flash). The CW always get it so right. Love Livs style too, and you've found some great picks for them all!

  2. This show is seriously my favorite right now. I'm not sure I can survive til the next season!

  3. ravi has such a cool style


  4. I love the inspiration you've pulled here! My favourite is that last look!


    Something About That

  5. I've never heard of this show but I may have to check it out. It sounds pretty interesting... and I have to watch anything with zombies. LOL

  6. I just read Rachael's comment (below) and am surprised that it's on the CW. this entire time I thought this show was on Fox (which I don't have) UGH! I am so mad I have been missing it. I first heard about it while listening to a Once Upon A Time podcast. Wah. Now I gotta go look for the first few episodes and catch up. Everyone that talks about it seems to love it!


  7. I'm really getting into iZombie. I think you picked some great outfits for it as well!

  8. I'm so jealous! I don't get it here and the commercials are driving me crazy!! The only question I have is why she can still act so human like instead of the zombie-types we know.


  9. Major / Peyton is the loveliest combination! Need to check this one out.


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