Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Outfit: To The Max

As a petite girl, it's so hard to find maxi dresses that are the right length (#shortgirlproblems). This one is still a little too long, but this floral print is too lovely to not wear now and then. It would probably be the right length if I wore higher wedges or heels, but then I wouldn't be able to walk because I'm horrible at walking in heels higher than 3 inches. 

I've decided to not drink soda for at least one month starting today. It's not that I drink soda all that often -- once, maybe twice a week -- but I've noticed that some days drinking it upsets my stomach and I want to know once and for all if it's soda that's causing my stomach troubles. Plus, soda has so many calories and cutting it from my diet will be good for my figure. 
Dress: Forever 21 {similar, similar} | Necklace: Rocksbox | Wedges: T.J. Maxx

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  1. GIrl, I feel ya as a fellow member of the vertically challenged club. This dress has such a cute print, and with your wedges it looks like the perfect length :)


  2. That maxi dress is so pretty, I love that it's sheer! I hear ya on maxi dressed being too big. Sometimes I find some that are legit taller than I am! It has to be a joke!

  3. Such a pretty maxi dress! #shortgirlproblems

  4. Карина СимоноваJune 23, 2015 at 8:57 AM

    Very cool dress!)

  5. The dress is beautiful on you, and a little long on a maxi is totally ok. But if you're not feeling the length, have it hemmed. My sister just spent $30 getting all of her maxi dresses hemmed for the summer, and she said it's priceless getting to wear them without tripping. I got the family tall genetics, but she's 5'3", so I'll take her word for it. :)

  6. All I want in life is black floral print dresses. This one is so pretty! I'm super jealous.

  7. u look cute in maxi dress and i love those shoes




  8. You look beautiful. I love your outfit. :)

  9. Gorgeous dress - you look so lovely! I'm actually not a huge maxi dress fan myself...I just feel like they look funny on me haha! I'll take a regular sundress instead. :D

  10. Gorgeous dress! Good luck at cutting the soda.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous, Sara! I love this maxi dress! You always look so pretty in purple shades. And hey, fyi-- you were so right about that tripod! #MajorUserError

    The Closet by Christie

  12. You look so adorable in a maxi. I love it!


  13. Maxis are a classic piece for your closet!!! And they're great for any season of the year! I especially love yours though! Your outfit has a lot of great textures and patterns in it!

  14. What a lovely maxi! I'm also loving flower print at the moment and wish the weather will soon get warmer to wear it.

  15. I have the same issues with maxi dresses! I try not to buy clothes that require heels to make it look good or fit right since I hate walking in them too! Good on you for cutting out soda! I typically won't buy it to keep at home to keep me from drinking it because I love diet soda so much, I would drink it several times a week. Instead, I buy it as a treat when we're out at times. However, I tend to not like diet soda from a fountain--it's not as good as out of a can! Anyway, I guess I wanted to just say good luck! :)


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