Wednesday, October 12, 2016

3 Easy Bookish Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween and dressing up, but I've always found store bought costumes to be boring and generic. I'm not saying you should go full Comic Con on your costume (aka spend months and months working on a costume, though by all means do so if you want to because that's awesome!), but there's a fun and easy way to create a costume: use what's already in your closet! 

Think about your favorite book characters and then go through your closet to see what you have that you can use to recreate their iconic look. For today's post, I put together three bookish costumes based on how easy they are to assemble.

ONE | Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson (Level: Easy)
Annabeth Chase is one of the three main characters of the Percy Jackson series with Percy and Grover being the other two. She's a teenage Greek half-blood; her mom is Athena (Goddess of wisdom) and her father is a mortal history professor. Annabeth is intelligent, likes architecture, and has a gift for strategy, but she can also be mistrustful and prideful. She uses a celestial bronze knife and has a Yankees cap from her mom that makes her invisible (which I forgot to wear).

How to dress like Annabeth: wear an orange t-shirt with "Camp Half-Blood" on it (the Pegasus is optional), jeans, sneakers, and a Yankees baseball cap (or any baseball cap).
Optional: carry a fake knife or an architecture book. 

TWO | Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter (Level: Easy/Medium)
Luna Lovegood is a character introduced in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and after that is a well-loved secondary character. She's a Pureblood Ravenclaw student and her father is the editor-in-chief of The Quibbler, a wacky magazine that no one takes seriously. Luna is known for being strange and whimsical and cares little for what people think of her, which is how she got the nickname "Loony" Lovegood. 

How to dress like Luna: wear a purple cardigan or jacket, an orange top, a bright printed skirt, bright purple or blue rights, and flats. Or really you could just wear any bright, mismatched clothing and you'd be all set. 
Optional: wear Spectre Specs and carry around a wand or a copy of The Quibbler. 

THREE | Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts (Level: Medium/Hard)
Newt Scamander wrote the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in the Harry Potter world. He's a newly-fleshed out character for the new movie and so far we know that he was a Hufflepuff when he attended Hogwarts, but he's now a magizoologist who goes on research trips because of his interest in magical creatures. His normal-looking briefcase contains many species of magical beasts that get loose in 1930s New York City. 

How to dress like Newt: wear a green or blue jacket, a white shirt with a black bow tie (or instead a black ribbon or a black Peter Pan collar), a vest, preferably yellow or brown, gray jeans, brown Oxford flats or boots. 
Optional: carry a wand and a brown briefcase or wear a yellow and gray striped scarf. 

Here are some more ideas for you:
  • Ron Weasley: bulky striped sweater, corduroy pants, sneakers, wand, Chocolate Frogs.
  • Daisy from The Great Gatsby: jeweled headband, long pearl necklace, flapper dress, heels.
  • Anne from Anne of Green Gables: blue dress over printed blouse, wide hat, boots, hair in pigtails.
  • Alice from Alice in Wonderland: blue dress, black headband, striped tights, black shoes.
  • Mad Hatter: green top hat, brown jacket, printed bow tie, vest, gray pants, Oxford flats, teacup. 
  • Agent Carter: red hat, blue blazer, blue skirt, white collared blouse, black heels. 

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?

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