Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Outfit: Nerdy Hufflepuff

How freaking cute is this Newt Scamander scarf?! (Thanks to Kat from Not The Path to Narnia for telling me where she got it!) I'm so obsessed with Newt right now and here's why: he's compassionate, kind, awkward, introverted, adventurous, empathetic, and notices small details that others tend not to. Honestly, he's the kind of hero the Wizarding World and our world needs right now. I loved this fascinating article about Newt, toxic masculinity, and Hufflepuff heroes. 

Also, this article about the 21 Harry Potter references in Fantastic Beasts you missed is so fun! How many did you spot?

I've had this nerdy fox sweater for years now and yet I don't think I've ever worn it on the blog, so I thought it would be cute to pair with this scarf since I'm a nerdy Hufflepuff! What's your Hogwarts House? Do you know your Ilvermorny House? I'm a Thunderbird.
Sweater: Aeropostale | Jeans: American Eagle | Scarf: Amazon
Bag: Target | Shoes: Modcloth

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