Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Outfit: Gems & Genre-Hopping

I have a dilemma: I LOVE these gem-covered sneakers, but they gave me horrible blisters. BUT they're so cute! I added blister cushions (courtesy of my dad, a podiatrist) to the back of the shoe and folded them over the back, but they still hurt a bit. Ugh, the back of the shoe is sadly too stiff, so I got these from Amazon and I'm half-tempted to add the gems to them. Should I do it?

Bookish confession: I'm a genre-hopper! I love jumping from fantasy to romance to sci-fi to murder mystery to historical to graphic novels! Maybe I just like all kinds of stories. Or maybe I'm just easily bored. Who knows? The only genres I don't read are high fantasy because I have little patience for it and horror because I'm a scaredy cat. 🙀🙈

Top: gift | Jeans: American Eagle | Shoes: via Poshmark
Bag: Kohls  | Wrap Bracelet: Francesca's

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