Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Outfit: Pink Spring

Spring is here! Thank the gods of Westeros! Does anyone else say this in their regular life? I know it's riduclous, but my brother Ben and I say it all the time. One time he said it in public and some older guy looked over at us like we were crazy. I'm going to assume he has no idea Westeros is from Game of Thrones. Speaking of GoT, who else is sad that the new season isn't coming out this month like it usually does? July can't come fast enough!

So I got a new bag from Kohls that's bigger than my usual crossbody bags and I seem to have the opposite problem of most women: I don't carry enough stuff to take up all of the space! The things I always have with me are small, so I guess this means I can actually start carrying physical books around with me! I backed Book Beau on Kickstarter and now I can't wait to get mine! If you like carrying your books around you should check it out.
Cardigan: old | Top: Kohls | Jeans: American Eagle 
Shoes: Old Navy | Bag: Kohls 

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