Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Don't you just love glancing at your favorite jewelry and knowing that there's a history there? The glint off a bracelet catches your eye when you're in your bedroom, and you know where you got it, where you wore it, and what happened when you wore it. Sometimes wearing a ring that you know you were wearing on a special day is all you need to put it back on and hope for another remarkable day.

Or maybe you just wear it because it's pretty. That certainly works too!

I feel like I'm always going back to the same jewelry because something about it is special to me -- either I can remember where I was when I first got it, or who gave it to me, or what happened when I wore it.

Do you have favorite pieces of jewelry?

 Earrings I got in New Mexico on a trip with my two best friends, Jackie and Avra.

 Twisty earrings also from New Mexico.

 A bracelet that my friend Brittany made for me.

 The watch I wore on my trip to Israel.

A simple sterling silver band I wear most days.
I twist it on my finger when I'm nervous. It came in handy during my college graduation.

 A shield ring from Forever 21 that I just think is awesome.

 A necklace with a tree cut-out, little bird, and green gem from my dad.

 A dainty necklace with burgandy, gray and yellow beads from my aunt.

A spinning necklace from Urban Outfitters that says "I Love You."

This is the necklace I wear every single day. I hardly ever take it off.
I've worn the swirling charm since 9th or 10th grade (about eight years!)
and only recently added the "Dream" charm, which is from a co-worker.

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  1. i LOVE that bracelet!! i don't think i have ever see you wear it, but its really pretty! I love my swirly NM earrings too!

    I have some jewelry i wear everyday too. and a box of others i wear to match my outfit. i have a ring with a blue stone that my grandma gave to my mom, and then my mom gave it to me. for HS graduation she reset the stone in a white gold ring. also for graduation my brother gave me a ring with the greek keys pattern and engraved "bozo", his nickname for me. I also wear my purple claddagh from Ben everyday. I wear 2 bracelets everyday too, my pandora charm one that has so many charms from my family and they each have a special meaning. like the clown from my brother, the evil eye from my mom, and the scorpion from my dad. and i have a bracelet from my mom that says "live the life you imagine" I wear it everyday to inspire me to go after my dreams. I have some necklaces i wear almost all the time, 2 from ben with hearts, and a blue opal hand of god from my mom. But i love to wear all kinds of earrings to match my clothes! I love big earrings with recognizable shapes, and big gem studs. and I always have to wear a bow or headband in my hair!

  2. @LittleMonsterx14

    I love that you can remember all of that because those pieces are so special to you!! You do wear a lot of jewelry that you never take off, which makes it even more special! And I remember you used to wear a big watch everyday that was from someone, but I can't remember who.

  3. haha oh ya! that was my dad's watch he wore when he competed in triathlons. the strap broke so i couldn't wear it anymore :(

  4. Beautiful collection and very special.


  5. i gave you another award!


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