Thursday, January 5, 2012

Israel (Part 2)

Here are the next several days of my trip...

Partying it up at a bar

Independence Hall

Avra, Shaked, and me
Every group gets to hang out with eight Israeli soldiers for five days

The Mediteranean

Flea market in Jaffa

In an underground room that we had to crawl through tunnels to get to
(My eyes look a little crazy)

Bedouin tent
About 100 people slept in here.
Forty-four on one side and fourty-four of another group on the other side,
divided by thick carpets.
Forty birthright-goers, two counselors, one guide, and one medic

Riding a camel with Kira

Walking up to Masada

Part 3 coming tomorrow.

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  1. I love your picture by the Mediterranean. :p Did you consider buying a retro sewing machine at that market? I would have been tempted.

  2. @B.S.

    Haha, no, I didn't consider buying one. But about the flea market...Shaked, one of the soldiers, told a few of us that most of the stuff being sold was actually stolen.


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