Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Wishlist

The Hunger Games comes out today (or rather yesterday at midnight)! Are you going to see it? I'm seeing it tomorrow with my brothers, and I can't wait!

If you've gotten caught up in the frenzy, like I have, here are some more Hunger Games-inspired odds and ends to add to your life...

Mockingjay iPhone case by Beauty and Luck (Etsy) ($7.99)
Infinity Scarf by CalicoOwls (Etsy) ($28)

Stay Alive Bow & Arrow Necklace by Je t'aime Boutique (Etsy) ($24)

May the Odds Cuff Bracelet by Berkey Designs (Etsy) ($19)

Hunger Games Refrigerator Magnets by Regrigerator Prose (Etsy) ($12)

Catching Fire Lip Tint by Theme Fragrance (Etsy) ($6.50)
Down with the Capital Shirt from Amazon (Price varies)

74th Annual Hunger Games Pin from Cafe Press ($4)

Keep Calm and Catch Fire Print by One Red (Etsy) ($15)

China Glaze Capital Colors from Amazon ($4)

Have a great weekend and
may the odds be ever in your favor!

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  1. i like the bow and arrow necklace. i WOULD like the bracelet since its a good thing to remember, like mine that says "life the life you imagine" but in the context of the book its not the best thing id want to remember, since the odds weren't in their favor. also that nail polish is amazing!! i've seen people use it to make the flames on their nails like the book, and its awesome!

  2. I am so disappointed I won't be able to see the Hunger Games for a couple weeks. :( I guess the books will have to hold me over until then. I really want those refrigerator magnets!

    1. Oh, I'm so sorry you won't be able to see it for a while. At least when you do see it you'll be super happy!


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