Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Outfit: Red Hot

A quick outfit post from yesterday when the temperature outside was near 70 degrees. I love the color red, but don't have many pieces of clothing that are that fiery color. Instead, I have way too much purple and way too many cardigans, so I think I'll have to start collecting more red clothing.

In particular, I would love a pair of red pants and red flats.

Oh, and I know I'm not wearing my new glasses here, but I've been going back and forth until I get more used to them.

Shirt -- thrifted, Jeans -- Forever21, Flats -- Payless, Ring -- Forever21,
Nail polish -- Forever 21 & Essie's Matte About You, On ring finger -- China Glaze's Stone Cold

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  1. oh i know what you mean! i have some colors that fill my closet, and other colors i barely have any of! annd you know i love those shoes! red and leopard together is one of my favorite combinations

    1. I don't have any orange or yellow in my closet, and sadly hardly any green or red. But you know that I have too much purple and blue, haha! I'm so glad I got those shoes, I almost didn't because they were $27 and that seemed like a lot for flats.

  2. Love your shoes *-*

    Can you leave a comment in this post? It's a contest, and i need your help!! :)

    If you want, follow each other? :) Kiss kiss

  3. Red looks great on you! And those flats are so cute!

  4. Those shoes are so fun!!

  5. I love those flats, they're so cute! And that ring is amazing! And I agree, red pants would be awesome! I have some in a dusty-ish red (from forever21) but a true bold red would just be great!

    1. Yes, I totally agree! I need to find some bold red pants too!


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