Monday, March 12, 2012

New Buys

When I initially saw colored pants I thought that the trend wasn't really me. I have short, curvy legs, so why would I want to bring attention to them? But I just kept seeing people wearing it all over (on blogs and off) and started to fall in love with the idea.

So I went online to Forever 21 for a cheap pair to see if I liked another color besides blue on my legs.
I got mint green and a rosy red of this pair, and I really like them. However, I should've listened to the reviews because they're a little too big in the thigh and knee area.

Since they're only $15, I ordered a smaller pair of the rose ones, but unfortunately the mint in the smaller size was sold out. So I'm debating whether to keep it or not.

Since I'm so excited about The Hunger Games coming out soon (only two weeks left!), I bought two of the China Glaze nail polishes from The Hunger Games collection. On the left is Smoke and Ashes, a black with blue and green microglitter, and Stone Cold, a matte gray with silver microglitter.

My mom bought me the Confetti nail polish in Masquerade Ball, a burgandy-brown. Thanks, Mom!

The ring is also from Forever 21, which I wore here.

How was your weekend? I saw John Carter, and it was actually pretty good!

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  1. i really want colored pants but i can never find ones that fit me right! and i love the nail polishes, cant wait to see them on you!

    1. Thanks! You should check out Delias because they have all types of colored pants and jeans.


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