Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Shoes!

For some reason, I was never a shoes kind of girl, but lately I've been shoe obsessed! While at school, I seem to look at other girls' feet just to see what kind of shoes they're wearing. In hindsight this might be a weird thing to do.

Anyway, I've been wanting a cute pair of sandal wedges to wear to school that aren't too high and won't make a lot of noise when I walk. Don't you hate when your shoes click-clack as you walk down the hallway? No, just me? (And it's also one of my goals for this year -- to wear more heels/wedges!)

I bought this lovely pair from Kohls. They're so incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in that I'm considering buying them in red too.

And when I saw Jackie with this cute pair of spikey blue flats from ShoeDazzle, I knew I had to get a pair too since I'm addicted to flats! The first pair you buy is 20%.

Are you guys addicted to shoes, too?

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  1. love the spiked leopard flats!! and i hate making noise in heels too!

    1. Make it three! I hate them too! I stopped wearing flip flops because of the noise they make!:)

      Btw, I would love if you entered my giveaway:)

      Bootie Babe International Nail Polish Giveaway

  2. Oh my gosh those leopard flats are INSANE. Love them. And I'm with you, I wasn't shoe obsessed until recently. Must be going around :)

    1. Thanks! I'm glad someone has gotten into the shoe frenzy recently like me!

  3. i really like those wedges! good to hear that they are comfortable. i pretty much never wear shoes that are uncomfortable. yes, i may buy them but i never wear them! thank you for the review :)

    1. I do that too! I buy shoes that look fantastic, but then they turn out to be uncomfortable and I never wear them. So sad.


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