Monday, June 24, 2013

My 24 Before 25 List

I celebrated my birthday this weekend by hanging out with my friends, having a celebratory BBQ, eating too much chocolate, seeing Man of Steel with my brothers, having lunch with my favorite high school teacher, and meeting the lovely Kristin of My Life as a Teacup. It was so wonderful meeting her and I wish we lived closer because we have so much in common.

If you're curious about birthday gifts my mom gave me an iPad Mini (thanks, Mom!) that I'm so excited to use, and my dad got me a lovely emerald green purse (thanks, Dad!) that is perfect for carrying said iPad. 

This was a pretty good year, but I have a feeling 24 is going to be even better. I'll be graduating from grad school in December, looking for a job I love, hopefully I'll save enough money to get my own apartment, and I would love to send query letters out to agents once my novel is completed. 

Here's what I accomplished, or didn't, this past year:

23 Before 24
1. Finish the first draft of my novel (still working on it)
2. Take a mini-road trip with friends
3. Visit two states I've never been to before (half completed - went to Vermont)
4. Visit a country I've never been to before
5. Watch Annie Hall for the first time (I was really bored, so I re-watched Midnight in Paris instead, which is such an amazing film)
6. Go to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror 
7. Learn to play poker 
8. Eat French macarons (so delicious!)
9. Go to the Governor's Island Jazz Age Lawn Party (hopefully going this August!)
10. Take more outfit photos in fun places
11. Create a monthly spending budget (thanks Mint!)
12. Lose 15 pounds (on my way there!)
13. Get A's in my classes for the next two semesters
14. Find my signature perfume (Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck!)
15. Get Jackie, my bros, my mommy sis, my dad & Avra awesome birthday presents
16. Finish reading 25 books in 2012 + 10 books in 2013 before my birthday (check out my library)
17. Do more DIYs (check out my DIYs here)
18. Try new hairstyles
19. Experiment more with my clothes (I'm definitely having more fun with my clothes!)
20. Wear red lipstick more (wearing pink, but close enough)
21. Go to a concert
22. Find free things to do with friends year round
23. Let go of the little things I cannot control & enjoy life!

Out of the 23 things on my list from last year, I accomplished 14 of them. Not too bad. Only 9 of them I didn't do because some of them take time (working on my novel and losing weight) or money (traveling). I'm hoping to achieve more of my goals this time around!

My new list:

24 Before 25
1. Finish my novel
2. Get my first full-time job
3. Travel outside the country
4. Visit Jackie's new home in Virginia
5. Visit Lauren (upstate New York) and Sarah (Boston)
6. Walk to the post office more instead of driving
7. Visit the High Line & the Brooklyn Bridge
8. Try the 30 Day Shred
9. Read more classic novels
10. Clean out / sell books I don't want anymore
11. Organize all the notes I've scribbled down about my novel
12. Keep saving to pay off loans
13. Save my pennies to buy a DSLR in the future
14. Get back to drawing
15. Lose 15 pounds / feel comfortable rockin' a bikini
16. Sew a skirt
17. Find a beer that I like
18. Make sure my plants (bamboo plant and moss terrarium) don't die
19. Help my dad build a new deck
20. Go to another movie alone
21. Use my camera more to capture my everyday life
22. Do more product reviews (and maybe book reviews too)
23. Continue seeing new fun exhibits and things in NYC
24. Meet new people

What do you think of my list?
Do you have a list? Leave a link to it if you do!

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  1. Fun list! As for beers, have you ever tried fruit-infused beers? I have a lot of friends who don't typically like the taste of beer and enjoy those :)

    1. I've wanted to try fruit-infused beers forever! They sound delicious!

  2. I'm so glad we got to meet in person, and wish we lived closer! I had a blast :) And I hope you enjoyed your birthday festivities as well (sounds like you did)! :D

  3. Another ambitious list! One of mine is to sew a dress, so if you need a sewing buddy, you know where to go. ;)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!! Looks like you accomplished a lot of your list! Good job! And good luck with this one, there's a lot of fun stuff on there! I'm inspired to make one now, I just turned 23 :)

    1. Good luck with your list! I would love to see what you put on your list!

  5. Happy belated :) I like your new list! I definitely need to take some pointers from your old one. Fear of failure keeps me from making one of these lists for myself but yours turned out great. Good for you!

    xo Ashley

  6. wow nice happy belated birthday if u like in touch check out my website too thax

  7. Good luck on your list this year!

  8. I love the idea of making a list like this! It really is a good time to evaluate and set goals.

  9. I love reading people's lists very inspiring I really need to get my butt into action and do one for myself!

  10. I love this idea of setting goals for yourself around your birthday, at a time when you're feeling positive, loved and able to accomplish anything! I just may have to try this when September rolls around :) Good luck with your novel this year, I know how tough it is but finishing is without a doubt the best feeling ever!

  11. I'm in the process of making my 24 before 25 list too! My birthday is July 3rd so I need to come up with some stuff - I like your list, seems reasonable and fun at the same time. Hope you had a great birthday!


  12. you better visit me!! and i love that you want to get back into drawing. you are so amazing at it, its sad that you stopped! i can't wait to see what you draw!

  13. You know I am list addict. So I really appreciate them and loved the ideas! Congratulations for last years accomplishments!


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