Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Etsy Faves

If I had millions of dollars, I'm sure I could buy all that I could ever want only from Etsy and be perfectly happy. Seriously, there's so many amazing items on this site right now. For summer, I'm loving sparkly things, hints of pink, and cool sunglasses. 
So sparkly!

Perfectly pretty for a music festival 

Who doesn't love a little bit of neon?

So cute!

This is perfect for showing off your favorite dress

Yep, you would look too cool for school in these!

Which is your fave?

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  1. i love etsy! i had to stop looking at it because i wanted everything!

  2. Dying over that sequin hanger! Etsy has the cutest stuff.

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  3. Gah, I want everything on Etsy! I love this roundup of items - especially the tote and hanger :)

  4. The sequin hanger is so cool, I love it!!

  5. Love the zipper pouch, tote, and hanger! So cute and who couldn't use more sequins in their life!?


  6. I love etsy, all of these are super unique!


  7. I LOVE scouring Etsy xD Sometimes I get a bit carried away, though.

  8. If i even started on my etsy favorites you would probably be here for 2340982347 years. You have awesome picks :) HOpe you had a blessed day, dearest Sara!

  9. there are so many cool things on etsy, it's a dangerous place! I really like that linen pouch with the neon triangles, i'd have to say that's my fave :)

    Em K

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  10. These are all perfect! Oh my goodness I am in LOVE with the seuqin hanger - going to make that into a fun project maybe :) Etsy is such a wonderful site, but too irresistible ;)

  11. I could get lost for days on Etsy, just discovering new and wonderful things! There are always so many amazing things to choose from, it's impossible to pick... although seriously, sequinned hangers? I definitely need those in my closet!


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