Thursday, July 18, 2013

Inspired By: Summer Activities

It's the summer! When it's sunny and hot and you're lathering sunscreen all over your face, there's really only one place to be: outside. Although I'm not a huge fan of the summer (my hair is constantly frizzy and my skin is always oily), this season is all about relaxation, being laid back, and having fun. 

Beach Bum
Inspired By: Beach Bum

If you can't wait to hit the beach once the temperature rises, then congrats, you're a beach bum. Maybe that means tanning (please wear SPF!), reading a book under a floppy hat, playing volleyball, surfing, swimming, or building sandcastles; whatever beach activity you prefer, do it in style. Wear a colorful bikini (or one-piece) with a fedora, lightweight embroidered top, studded shorts, and coral Keds. Or instead try a flowy tunic, striped floppy hat, printed swimsuit, and studded sandals. 

Outdoor Concert
Inspired By: Outdoor Concert
Maybe you prefer the energy and adrenaline of an outdoor concert with its crowds of people and loud music. Then rock a gray polka dot sweater, lime green shorts, triangle necklace, printed bag, and studded sandals. If it's a classical music concert where you're relaxing on the grass, wear a striped purple dress, floral headband, blue necklace, fringe bag, bow earrings, and wedges. Don't forget a candle to set the mood. 

A Day at a Theme Park
Inspired By: A Day at a Theme Park
There's always something to do at a theme park, so if that's where you would prefer to spend your day (either with friends or little ones), be sure to wear something comfortable: a belted orange dress, polka dot headband, strappy sandals, and studded cross-body bag. Or instead try a tied front top, lace-embellished jean shorts, lots of bracelets, gray Converse, and a backpack. If it's a water park, don't forget a bathing suit. 

Movie Watching
Inspired By: Movie Watching
At the end of the day (or maybe even in the middle of it), it's nice to escape the heat for a little while to enjoy the air conditioning, a good movie, and some popcorn or candy. Relax and put your feet up in a floral peplum top, white shorts, a purple wristlet, and strappy wedges. Or for an evening look, go for a printed maxi dress, silver necklace, a shield ring, a black tote (to sneak in some treats), and teal wedges. 

What are your favorite summer activities?

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  1. Wish i. Could be on d beach wearing one of those bikinis.
    Keep in touch,

  2. this makes me want to go to Disney!

  3. Pretty sure you just named all of my favorite activities lol I love summer, specially outdoor concerts!


  4. is it bad that i pretty much want everything you posted here??

  5. Great post, dear!! I love wishlist#4)))
    Follow your blog)) I'll be happy, if you follow me)))

  6. Love these styles collections. I'm a total beach bum at heart but outdoor concerts are really my thing...I'm actually at concerts more often. I have one coming up next week!

    xo erica

  7. I'm definitely the theme park girl - some of my best, most vivid summer memories take place on roller coasters and ferris wheels :) And coincidentally, that's my favourite look that you put together... although the polkadot sweater in the outdoor concert look is seriously adorable, too!

  8. Such cute picks! I love this post. I'm definitely an outdoor concert girl. Loving the bohemian vibe of your picks for that theme.



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