Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Wishlist

Holy crap, it's already the end of the month! Since June always goes by super fast, July is usually slow for me, but this year it sped by. Probably because this is my last three month summer vacation ever. After this year, I'll be working during the summer until I retire (you know, like a normal person, haha).

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July Wishlist

July Wishlist:
♥ Caged T-Strap Flat Sandals -- I've been wanting a pair of flats like this since forever
♥ Croft & Barrow Wedges -- I the brown ones all the time, so I decided to buy them in black
♥ Emerald Concrete Long Prism Necklace -- this necklace (by Cocorrina) is made out of concrete! 
♥ Harry Potter Tank Top -- yes please!
♥ Urban Decay De-Slick Spray -- This sounds awesome
♥ Urban Decay Primer -- I'm out of the tube I'm currently using. To Sephora I go!
♥ Tap is Terrific Glass Water Bottle -- Maybe this will help me drink more water & it's cute
♥ Forever 21 Striped Lace Top -- I've been so into stripes lately

How's your summer going, you lovely ladies?

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  1. I can't live without my UD eye is THE best!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. love the strap sandals! too cute!

  3. Oh wow a concrete necklace? How amazing!

    Sarah x

  4. I would like to add both the footwear to my wishlist as well..
    Keep in touch

  5. Yes, time does by so fast, dearest Sara! You took really nice things on your wishlist <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. That Harry potter tank is awesome, so you!

  7. The caged t strap sandals are so cute and I love the color:) Excited for the giveaway!


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