Monday, July 29, 2013

Inspiration: Bright Pink Lipstick

As said here, I can't get enough of bright pink lipstick! I think it's so flattering, feminine, and fun. Wearing bright lipstick is great for the summer when you don't wan to wear any other make up, and when you're throwing on whatever clothes works because it's so darn hot, lipstick makes you look put together. 
Bright Pink Lipstick
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Top: Catching Cody K {host} // Chelsea @ Olive & Ivy 
Middle1: Joanna @ ModaMama // Lets Go Lesco Photos // Laurie @ WorldTravelingMilitaryFamily
Middle2: Angie @ MySoCalledChaos // Ashley @ BeautyFlawed // Brooklyn @ This Little Blonde
Bottom: Michael @ CrazyTragicAlmostMagic // Sincerely, Sara
Winner will recieve:
 - $20 dollar Old Navy giftcard
 - Book: "All I Need" bSusane Colasanti
- 200x200 ad space on Catching Cody K
- $20 to Olive&Ivy Design Shop
- $10 Bath Body Works
- 2 months ad space on CTAM
- 2 months ad space on LGLPhoto
- Social Shout out from LGLPhoto
- 'Social Media Lovin' as space on Little Blonde
- 300x300 ad space WTMF
- $10 to WTMF's Etsy
- Original watercolor dream catcher art

What color lipstick are you into this summer?

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  1. i love how pink lipstick looks. i have one but i don't think its really flattering on me. i need to find my right shade!

    1. Yes, you definitely do because pink looks good on everyone!

  2. Perfect post timing, I just picked up one of the Kate, Rimmel, lasting finish lipsticks in no. 20 (why didn't they give it a cute name??) As someone that never wears lipsticks I've been happily wearing this bright pink shade all day :P

  3. I love bright pink lipstick! Brightens up anyone's face :)

  4. I do like bright lipstick, however I usually stick to shades of orange. maybe i should branch out!

    1. Orange is a great lipstick color in the summer! I've always wanted to try it! I should branch out too!

  5. I don't know if I could ever pull hot pink lips off (just don't think I'm bold enough xD) but I've always loved it as a color and on others!

  6. I've always wanted to wear pink lipstick out, but I can't, haha. It looks so weird on me. I need to put some time aside to really figure out what lip colors look best on me--or maybe find a pink lip color that would go with my skin tone. Great post! Now I wanna go to the drug store and experiment!

    1. There are so many pinks out there that I'm sure you'll find your perfect color!

  7. I have a weakness for pink, but I have never worn this colour in lipstick - only in lipgloss! :)

  8. That color on Emma Stone is stunning!

    xo erica

  9. My make-up bag is running on empty... I practically need new everything; powder, bronzer, concealer, mascara; the list goes on. And then I see a post like this and all I want to buy is ten more tubes of lipstick! I love that colour on Emma Stone, I've been trying to track it down for ages.

    1. Sorry I make you want to buy every lipstick color! I hope you track down the color!


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