Monday, March 31, 2014

Inspiration: Pictures Saved On My iPad

Do you ever see a picture on Instagram or while reading an iPad-only magazine and double-click to save it? I do it all the time. If I was on my computer, I could easily transfer it to Pinterest, but when I'm on my iPad it gets saved to my photos folder. I thought I would collect some of them here for you to see in case they inspire you just the same!

Do you collect pictures on your iPad (or phone) too?

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  1. i can understated why you saved these pics, they are so pretty..

    those pnk matchsticks and heena tatoos.. :)

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  2. That bike! That blue skirt! Need this in my life!

  3. This is such great inspiration for a Monday! I don't have an ipad, but I do save photos all the time from my phone. I love looking back at them!

  4. those drawn on tattoos are so pretty!

  5. I love the outfit with the striped tee and denim vest...definitely something I would wear!

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  6. I do the same thing! My iPad is full of pictures of little inspirational things and pretty things. I love that red dress. How stunning!


  7. I loved that quote about literature! I definitely agree with it, because reading about something we don't really talk about is interesting and very freeing in a way!
    I loved the pictures- very inspiring! :)

  8. Absolutely lovely! I collect FAR too many photos on my phone, it's mostly from bloggers whom I follow on instagram! As soon as I see an outfit I like, I just have to save it!


  9. I always think that I will just remember, and I usually don't! But I sometimes send myself links so I can post to PInterest later!

  10. That quote on literature is fantastic!

  11. I save pictures on my phone all the time :) I love that up do!


  12. I take screen shots of inspirational pictures ALL of the time! I don't send them to Pinterest either....but I'm not sure why!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  13. Thought I was the only one collecting random pics on my iphone and ipad I like to inspire and be inspired.

  14. Me too! You're definitely not the only one!

  15. I should send them to Pinterest, but I always forget!

  16. Good idea! I always have to write things down too!

  17. Me too! Most of the photos I collect are from Instagram too!

  18. If only I could wear that red dress! It's so gorgeous!

  19. You definitely should wear a similar outfit!


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