Thursday, March 6, 2014

Inspired By: The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a film by Wes Anderson about M. Gustave H., a legendary concierge at the famous Grand Budapest Hotel in the fictional European country Zubrowka, and Zero, the lobby boy. When Gustave is framed for the murder of Madam D., an older woman who had stayed at the hotel prior to her death and who bequeathed him a valuable painting in her will, he teams up with Zero to prove his innocence. 

This movie comes out tomorrow!

M. Gustave H.
Grand Budapest Hotel -- Gustave
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M. Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) is a concierge at the Grand Budapest Hotel. Older, blonde women come to the hotel because of him and his "exceptional service" aka M. Gustave sleeps with all these women. He is arrested for Madam D.'s death after finding out that he had been given the valuable "Boy with Apple" painting.

For a put together look worthy of the hotels wealthy clients, wear a dark purple blazer, black and white blouse, bright purple jeans, bow bracelet, and cut-out black oxfords. For a jailbird look, go for a gray and white striped dress, long necklace, purple belt, black thigh highs, and floral boots. 

Zero Moustafa
Grand Budapest Hotel -- Zero
Zero Moustafa (Tony Revolori) is the hotel's new lobby boy. He wants to help prove that M. Gustave isn't a murderer. This young man also likes the young hotel baker, Agatha. 

For a cute office or date look, try a purple blazer, light blue fit and flare dress, purple striped beanie, key bracelet, and bow wedges. Or go casual in a newsboy cap, a striped top, striped eternity scarf, distressed jeans, and black flats. 

Grand Budapest Hotel -- Agatha
Agatha (Saorse Ronan) is a young baker who works at the hotel. She has a distinguishing birthmark across her right cheek. She likes the lobby boy, Zero.  

Dress in lovely pastels like Agatha and wear a camel-colored coat, mint heart-print cardigan, black skirt, gray scarf, and mint heels. Or layer up with a white lace shirt under a sheer beige peter pan-collar blouse, orange skirt, and nude flats.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Grand Budapest hotel is a famous hotel in the fictional country of Zubrowka that is on the verge of war. Meanwhile, the hotel (at the time of the story in 1932) is experiencing its last glory days of entertaining wealthy clientele.

What's better than a pink exterior of a hotel? So dress like this lovely bubblegum pink hotel by donning a pink cocktail dress, white blazer, rhinestone necklace, pink and purple jewelry, and nude pumps. Or for a younger look, wear a pink fit and flare dress, gold floral necklace, and nude strappy heels. 

Will you be seeing this film?

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  1. I love mobiel with a beautiful set and clothes like the Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge. I looove the style of this movie, I would love to see it. Those kind of mobiel I could watch over and over again :)

    X Sara

  2. Oh! I so wanna watch this movie!!! Love the pieces you picked for each character :)



  3. I actually had not planned on seeing it!

    SIde bar: I might be coming to New York in May. (this is like the biggest maybe EVER, but I would love to meet you in person if I do!)

  4. I'm so excited for this movie! I love your looks for Zero and the hotel! Pink!!! haha

  5. I am really, really excited for the movie! The costuming looks marvelous so I hope to get a lot of inspiration!

  6. I love your Inspired By posts! I especially like the white shirt with the black details in the very first image and the strappy nude heels in the last one. Very nice :)

  7. I am
    So excited to watch the Budapest hotel but sadly it's not realising in I due tomorow..
    Love all the baby pink things you have put together
    Don't forget to enter my $80 Jollychic Giveaway
    Have a nice day

  8. Love all of these looks! I was trying to pick a favorite, but I just couldn't <3 I've never seen this, but I certainly want to now!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  9. I've never seen this film before, but it looks so interesting and I love your outfit combos!!

  10. I love the mint green look the best. That looks like a fun movie!

  11. Never heard of this movie, but it seems just up my alley! I love murder mysteries :) Also adore the shades of plum you used in some of the outfits.


  12. Wes Anderson is my FAVORITE screenwriter! I'm heading to NYC today to see this film <3

  13. i love the all the purples, grays, mints and pinks that you chose! some of my favorite colors!

  14. Oh I love this! I've been dying to see this movie since I saw the preview in the fall. I hadn't realized it was out already, so clearly I'll need to take myself to the movies soon!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  15. Sadly, it's only in NYC and LA until next week, so it should be opening in more theaters soon!

  16. Thanks! I love murder mysteries too!

  17. It opened this past Friday in NYC and LA, but should be opening in more theaters this week! So excited!

  18. OMG yes!!! I would absolutely love to meet you in person!! Once you get more details, let me know! I love meeting other bloggers! :)

  19. Yes!! Me too! These types of historical movies are the best!


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