Friday, March 14, 2014

How Do You Describe Your Style?

I saw this post about having a signature style on Lauren Conrad's blog and it made me think about my own style. I definitely have a look that's all my own; I know what clothing and colors I like, and conversely what I would never put on my body, but it's still hard to define it. I know what my style is, but actually using words to spell it out was harder than I thought. 

Here's what I came up with:
  1. Colorful (I love all colors, except for orange)
  2. A dash of nerdy chic (this mostly applies to my love of glasses and cardigans)
  3. Comfortable (jeans and flats are my jam)
What three words / phrases would you use to describe your style?

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  1. Orange is one color which I am scared off, I think I cannt carry it off well..
    Your style is a cute little neardy girl and looks pretty
    Keep in touch

  2. one of my favorite color to wear is orange actually. I don't know. it looks so appealing and bright. but of course it has some boundaries because its too loud for a color to wear. but its summer here in the Philippines already so orange is in. With nerdy chic and comfortable, yes yes to that. I love wearing my glasses too(bad eyesight honestly) I don't wear much of jeans but jeggings would be fine :D but I do love your outfit. boots is so yes with me as always :)

    New outfit post. Hope you can share some insights about it. Thanks!

    keep in touch!



  3. I like your style! And yes to cardigans.
    For me?
    1. Neutral (I love, love neutral colors)
    2. Country (lots of riding boots and plaid!)
    3. Simple (other than plaid, I don't really wear a lot of prints nor do I wear a lot of jewelry).

    And yeah, you're right, spelling it out and putting into words was a lot harder than I thought, too..but thanks for the challenge! I might do a post on this too!

    Oh, and if you want to join me today for a Instagram link up on my blog, I'd love to have you!!

  4. It is definitely something that's hard to put into words! I'd say my style is casual, preppy, and affordable.

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew Giveaway!

  5. Those words definitely describe your style!

  6. My style is simple too! I don't wear a lot of prints and I like dainty jewelry. Thanks!

  7. I'm glad you like orange! It's a vibrant color!

  8. Yeah, me too! I think orange looks strange on me!

  9. Three words for my style
    1. Rustic
    2. Boho
    3. Appropriate

    I love your style though. Which reminds me, I saw an outfit on Instagram that made me think you of.

  10. Gasp! I LOVE orange! Lol

    Yeah, I feel you. I'm very sure of what I like and what I don't like, but one word for it? Kinda hard. Here are my three:
    1. feminine
    2. colorful
    3. eclectic

    I guess eclectic is a good catch-all for for it. I like to mix trendy things with classic, vintage items and I love pattern mixing.

    Good post! Your 3 words are right on point.

  11. Love your outfit! I guess 3 words for my style would be chic, feminine & simple! Too much of black, blue & red in my closet though I love almost all colors :)

  12. Oh, this is tricky! I think I would go with
    1. simple (few prints, minimal jewelry)
    2. sporty (flats and other sensible shoes, sweatshirts)
    3. soft (not flowy per se, but comfy, not bodycon, lots of stretch fabrics!).

    (bonus point for alliteration!)

  13. I was asked for a Q+A how I'd describe my style too and went with colorful, but with classy and feminine silhouettes :) I just love that, and it's a style that I feel looks best on me. One more question maybe: As a teen, did you have a hard time finding out what worked for you too? When I was younger, I always picked up the wrong things haha! xo

  14. Dear Sara I like your style because you are so you with your style! I don´t know how my style could be described because I change sometimes my looks :) But for sure I like colours and jackets! And heels :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  15. I love your style!

    I would have to say that my style is simple, classic, and feminine. I always try to pick pieces that will stand the test of time.

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  16. I love this post! First off, I love Lauren Conrad! It really is hard to describe your style in any words, let alone just a few. For me, it's probably: 1- feminine (I love anything with ruffles and bows), 2- classic, 3- comfortable (I'm a flats girl, too. But that doesn't mean we have to compromise style!)

    The Closet by Christie

  17. Such a cute concept! I love your outfit. c:
    Those boots have my heart, as much as I also love jeans and flats.


  18. I'm with Christie, I think, on his one. Classic, comfortable, and feminine, if I had to pick three.

  19. this is so hard! i agree with you that i KNOW what my style is, but its so hard using words to define it!



    that was hard, would you say that fits my style?

  20. Looks so comfy! Love it.

    I don't really know what my style is, lately. I haven't had much motivation to get dressed properly, so I mostly stay home in jeans and t-shirts and hoodies and don't pull out the nicer pieces I own. But I guess it's sort of preppy with a lot of grays and pops of color when I can swing them (my wardrobe REALLY needs more color - I look fantastic in red), and definitely comfortable within my weird definitions of comfortable, which involve ruling out tights because I can't stand them, among other things.

  21. Ohhhhh. I love this idea! My words are 1. classic, 2.) fun, and 3.) preppy.

    And I feel you on orange. I feel you.

  22. Thanks for your lovely words Sara <3 Hope you had a great weekend so far!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  23. I would like to say Soho boho downtown chic buuuut I don't always quite pull this off.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  24. This look is super cute! It feels very cozy to me.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  25. That's definitely you!

    I guess I would say: eclectic, bold, and practical for me. =]

  26. I'm not the three words I chose all the time, but most of the time as well!

  27. Those words definitely describe you!

  28. Yes, I rarely wear tights because they're so uncomfortable! I can definitely see the gray with pops of color for you!

  29. Yes, those words accurately describe your style!

  30. Yes, those words are definitely your style!

  31. Thanks, Naomi! I can see those words perfectly describing your style!

  32. Maybe your one phrase is "fashion chameleon!" :)

  33. My style is still pretty much the same (colorful, cardigans, flats), but now I have a better understanding of what silhouettes and fabrics suit me. Back then I thought that if something looked good on other people that it would work on me, but that was definitely not the case haha!

  34. 50 points to Anne Belle! Great words to describe your style!

  35. Thanks, Nathy! Yes, I can definitely see those words describing your style!!

  36. Thanks!! Great three words for you!

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