Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Outfit: Work It Out (with YogaOutlet)

The email I received from YogaOutlet could not have come at a better time. Just a week before, I started getting back into exercise by watching Blogilates videos on Youtube. I'm by no means fat, but for my height (4'10"), I'm a bit overweight, so I want to get leaner and more toned. I started with two ab videos and was sore for four days afterwards. How did I not try Blogilates sooner? Cassey is so energetic and friendly and she actually makes me want to exercise!

Anyway, I wanted some new work out clothing for this new venture into Pilates and these pieces from YogaOutlet are perfect. This website makes clothing specifically for people who practice yoga and Pilates, so they know what they're doing; they work with the best brands and they want you to feel good in their clothing during and after your exercise.

So far I really like the clothes I picked from YogaOutlet. I chose the top because it's colorful, lightweight, stretchy, has a built-in bra and has a keyhole opening in the back. It lets me move around while keeping everything in place. I chose the pants because it has a purple waistband, its stretchy, has moisture-wicking qualities, and even has a secret pocket in the waistband. These yoga pants are so comfortable and soft that I even wear them around my apartment when I'm not exercising. They're a little long on me, but I don't mind. 

Just so you know this company also has outlets for people who swim, run, and surf!

Top: ℅ YogaOutlet | Pants: ℅ YogaOutlet | Sneakers: Kohls {similar

**I received $50 to YogaOutlet in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.**

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  1. Blogilates kicks my butt! Cassey's upbeatness, the challenging yet manageable routines, and cute workout clothes are always good motivation to workout though :)

  2. Marissa @ The Modern AustenMarch 18, 2014 at 10:30 AM

    Awesome! I recently got back into yoga and I LOVE it. I find that wearing clothes like these really helps and it motivates me to get moving. I really like the keyhole in the top--very cute. Nice review :)

  3. I have that same tank but in black! Yours is super cute in the purple ombre.


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  4. Yoga is something that's always been on my to try list, so I'm bookmarking that video for hopeful future use :) The purple tank and hot pink sneakers look so much fun-- if clothes can be described as fun? I guess fun to wear, and work out in lol :)


  5. These are really great work out clothes! I need to check them out, I am well overdue for gear! Let's not even talk about the condition of my sports bras! haha

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  6. These items look perfect!! I love long legging-type pants for work outs, because I like to have my milky white be nicely covered up. I got new work-out gear for myself last week so I too have no more excuses to skip another work-out. Good luck with Blogilates, I've heard SO much good about it!! xo

  7. so fun. I adore the bright color of the top. I feel like if you like what you're wearing, at least it feels like you're dressing up still. I remember when I wasn't working out much at all and I had barely any good work out gear that when I did work out, I hated what I had and it didn't inspire me much at all. I know that sounds incredibly vain but really, it made my attitude turn negative because I felt I looked as awful as I felt. So, it was kind of a double edged sword. Then, I decided to take charge and actually purchase some decent clothing that would at least feel better than what I had and it totally made me feel inspired to do it more (so to speak). Now, I am more happy with what I have (definitely all sale purchases though!! Work out gear is pretty pricey!) and I don't have to think twice about it.

    Hah, sorry for the long comment!



  8. love your work out look ;)

    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  9. Wonderful Yoga clothes Sara! I would like to wear your top not only for Yoga because Iike the color and the shape so much :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  10. I need more fun workout clothes! I love the top you chose, the color is so fun!


  11. these clothes look so comfy and great for working out! this makes me want to get back into bikram yoga, and get some more yoga clothes!

  12. The back of that tank is so cute. I am really into yoga clothes right now since I just started yoga but I get frustrated with shirts that fall down during poses! I should check them out!


  13. Love the back of the top! So cute ^^



  14. Oh my gosh, I cannot even talk about how much I swear by the benefits of yoga! I'm still looking for a great class to go to in my new city but until then, it's my old yoga DVD's and trying not the trip over my cat haha Love the pieces you chose! I need to check them out now!


  15. They have an amazing selection of clothing and well-known brands! Yoga clothing is usually so expensive, but the prices at YogaOutlet aren't too bad. I got the top from the sale section, so you might want to check there for some deals. I hope you find a great yoga class!

  16. Thanks! They have so many different styles; I'm sure you'll find the perfect top!

  17. You should get back into it! You liked bikram yoga!

  18. I love when people leave long comments! I'm 100% with you! When I first started working out, I wore a frumpy old t-shirt and shorts that got in the way and it didn't really inspire me to keep going, but wearing bright and cute clothing, even if no one sees me because I work out at home, has really helped me as well! :)

  19. Thanks!! Good luck on your work outs as well!

  20. Thanks! I really like the selection they have at YogaOutlet! Work out gear is pretty pricey, so you should check out the sale section on the site! That's where I found the top!

  21. I would certainly describe those shoes as fun! Thanks! :)

  22. Thanks, Marissa!! I'm agree -- wearing clothes made for the type of exercise you're doing makes you feel like you're already on the right track!

  23. Thanks so much!! Yes, you should try it!

  24. Aw, thanks so much, Pooja! The top that I got is in the sale section for $20!

  25. Yes! Cassey's work outs are fun but brutal!

  26. Hey, you look beautiful in this outfit! :)
    Do you wear your sneakers sockless?


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