Thursday, April 3, 2014

Inspired By: Spring Activities (with Glamour and Glow) + Giveaway!

Today we're talking about spring activities! I'm so excited that spring has started to grace us with it's presence because there's nothing better than seeing flowers, hearing birds sing, feeling a warm breeze against your skin, and wearing flowy fabrics. 

My sponsor, Glamour and Glow, teamed up with me on this post, so below are outfits perfect for classic springtime activities featuring some of Glamour and Glow's clothing. 

Before we move onto the fashion, I wanted to tell you a little bit about Glamour and Glow: the woman behind it all Christine Spreng founded her boutique because, as she puts it, "Making people look and feel good is key to brightening their day. It is very satisfying knowing that I have the opportunity to do this each and every day...and I am extremely thankful for that." Glamour and Glow is a complete fashion destination; they have jewelry, clothing accessories, and footwear. Her boutique blends street style and romantic touches. Be sure to check them out!

Aren't picnics the best? Besides the inevitable ants, it's so lovely eating outside when the temperature is perfect. I definitely want to have one (or five) this spring! You could wear a pretty blush-colored dress, a rhinestone necklace, a polka dot scarf, and floral flats. Or a bright yellow top, jean shorts, a tassel necklace, and brown sandals. 

Walking in the Park
Walking in the Park
Nothing is more relaxing than talking a stroll through lush greenery, either by yourself, with your dog, or with a loved one. When the sun is shining through a bunch of leaves, the world seems absolutely perfect. Go comfortable: wear a cute top, leggings, a stack of bracelets, and green sneakers. Or wear a baseball cap, a loose cardigan, a bike tee, distressed jeans, and flats. 

Picking Flowers
Picking Flowers
Flowers are, of course, pretty year round, but there's something wonderful about surrounding yourself with flowers in the spring. I want to see real flowers and I want to be wearing them. There's no such thing as too many florals. Wear a white lace top, a black and white folded skirt, a stone necklace, and black wedges. Or wear a lace dress, a purple necklace, a flower crown, and black flats. 

City Adventures
City Adventures
Obviously not everyone lives in or close to a city, but it's definitely fun going into a city now and then for some epic adventures -- seeing the old buildings, eating at new places, visiting a museum, or staying up all night dancing. Don a light-colored beanie, a studded dress, a blue druzy necklace, a brown belt, and blue heels. Or wear an olive jacket, a black tank, a tortoiseshell necklace, a distressed jeans, and booties.

One person will win a pretty silver headband
from Glamour and Glow!

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  1. I'd put it with the Creme de la Creme outfit for walking in the park. These are super cute outfits and I'm finally following you on Polyvore too!

  2. This post is really making me wish it would warm up so I could do some of these fun spring activities!

    The Tiny Heart
    Cookbook Giveaway!

  3. I love the walking in a park look- I want to do this so badly, hopefully the spring weather is here to say.

  4. Madara LiecinieceApril 3, 2014 at 1:13 PM

    This was such a great post! I love the outfit ideas and the way you presented them to us! :)

  5. Dressed with soulApril 3, 2014 at 4:27 PM

    You remembered me that I should have soon a picnic with my family! Because when our children were little we had the habit to have in summer each Friday a picnic instead of the normal lunch :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. I love everything about this post!

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  7. LittleMonsterx14April 3, 2014 at 9:24 PM

    i really want to have a picnic at the cherry blossom festival, since i live near DC now!

  8. Melissa DouglassApril 3, 2014 at 9:35 PM

    I'm not sure :) I will figure it out if I win :)

  9. I would wear this headband with a LBD. Thanks!

  10. I love the city and the park outfits!! (You make the best collages!)

  11. cute post chiquita!! i think this would be cute with jeans and a tee or a very fancy dress and some heels! both fancy and casual :) ahhh i can't wait to do more spring like things - so tired of this drab and gloomy life… hahahaha

  12. This definitely makes me want to revamp my wardrobe for spring!

  13. Bridget Heiple ReichApril 11, 2014 at 1:44 PM

    Any outfit! :) Probably a black top with jeans to make it really stand out! :)


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