Monday, April 7, 2014

Inspiration: Pastel Clothing

I've always loved pastel colors, even though I only have one or two pastel-colored pieces in my closet. It's mostly due to the fact that I'm pretty pale (and like to remain so even in the summer) that I always kind of thought that these pretty, light colors might not work on me, but the pictures below are making me re-think this. Pastels look so gorgeous on darker skin tones though; Lupita Nyong-o in her pale blue dress is proof of that. 

Have you been wearing pastels?
Will you wear them?

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  1. I definitely think you can wear pastels! I love that photo of the giraffe print and the peach Hunters :)


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  2. Yes, you certianly can wear them! I so adore my pastels!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  3. Beautiful and stylish Kendi and her freakin' giraffe dress that I wanted so bad. I still see this outfit in my dreams! Love it!

  4. I always have liked pastels but they don't quite fit my personality so I don't wear them too often!

  5. I love pastels, but I don't own very many pastel pieces. I really love that purple bag!


  6. I am totally inspired by these beautiful spring looks!

    xo Jessica

  7. You must get some pastels doll, inthinknthey suit all color ryes rather I find them more cute on pale completion girls

  8. LittleMonsterx14April 9, 2014 at 9:10 AM

    I'm not a huge pastel fan, but i love mint!

  9. Yay, I'm glad! I always love hearing that!

  10. I know! That dress is so so pretty!


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